the right way to use bobby pins

Bobby pins can be a hair fanatic's best friend. These little genius wonders help keep hair out of our eyes and hold our hair in place when needed. However, perhaps you have been frustrated with the pins not staying where they should stay--slipping, sliding and moving all around? Believe it or not, there are a few tips and tricks to ensure you make the most of your bobby pins.

Not knowing where they all wind up however is an entirely different story. First, we have to distinguish the difference between bobby pins and hair pins.

Hair pins are nice for finishing updos for a softer took but they will not hold hair and keep it super tight. They are more “U” shaped as opposed to bobby pins. Though they have their place, that is not what this article is about. Bobby pins will secure hair in place so the hair does not move and hold the hair tight.

How to use a bobby pin

We know, it sounds so basic but for starters we all know bobby pins have two sides: the “flat” side and the “wavy” side. But do you know which one is the right side up? Here are 4 bobby pin tips that may surprise you:

  • The first and perhaps most important tip would be which side of the bobby pin faces up. Seriously I learned this a few months ago and it was life altering.
  • When using a bobby pin, you are supposed to have the wavy side closer to your head! For my whole entire life up until this point I was using the flat side against my head and wondering why they would never stay where I wanted them to. 
  • Open the bobby pin up with the wavy side closer to your head (flat side facing up), take the hair you want pinned down inside the opening and push the pin back. Allow the pin to close as you are pushing it back.
  • Another trick that I often do is what I call “cross-pinning” To make sure neither side slips out I slide one bobby pin in on a bit of a diagonal and then cross another pin over it the same way so it looks like an “X”.

Not only can bobby pins be used to keep bangs and hairline pieces out of your face, but they can secure any loose/shorter hairs that do not fit into ponytails/buns. If you're growing out bangs, at an awkward hair length, or just having an off day, a few strategic bobby pins can make a world of difference.

Watch this tutorial by LuxyHair for more tips: