If you are a 2C, the Naturally Curly Texture Typing system may confuse you a little bit. 2C’s generally have a mixture of different wave and curl patterns on their head and the look can vary greatly among ladies. It’s impossible to pinpoint one exact model to show you, as there are many variations on a single curl pattern (hair can be fine, coarse, dense, or thin”> so we’ve compiled 20 photos of lovely 2C (and mixed curl pattern”> ladies to help you narrow down your type.

2C hair consists of S-shaped waves mixed with ringlets. These waves and curls begin at the roots, unlike their 2B wave sisters, which start around eye level. The biggest goal of wavies is to find products that fight frizz while giving the hair enough hold to keep the waves defined without making them crispy or weighing them down.

Curious about 2c hair? Check out these ladies rocking their waves!

1. @samerivertwice

Photo Courtesy of @samerivertwice

2. @fujifiles


Our very own Managing Editor, Cristina has 2C hair! Check out her routine to cut frizz in Type 2C hair.

3. @mandapanda_xo

Photo Courtesy of @mandapanda_xo

Here is @mandapanda_xo’s complete routine, tips and tricks and holy grail products.

4. @jwreisen

Photo Courtesy of @jwreisen

5. @joellefitness

Photo Courtesy of @joellefitness

6. @fitkatstyle

Photo Courtesy of @fitkatstyle

7. @tawnylonglegs

Photo Courtesy of @tawnylonglegs

8. @racheljcx

Photo Courtesy of @racheljcx

9. @gracefully.curly

Photo Courtesy of @gracefully.curly

10. @evanjosephsalon

Photo Courtesy of @evanjosephsalon

11. @sandracolibri

Photo Courtesy of @sandracolibri

If you want your waves to appear curlier, like @sandracolibri’s gorgeous hair, here are 5 ways to make your hair look curlier.

12. @evanjosephsalon

Photo Courtesy of @evanjosephsalon

13. @triciariv

Photo Courtesy of @triciariv

14. @evanjosephsalon

Photo Courtesy of @evanjosephsalon

15. @littleredcurlhead

Photo Courtesy @littleredcurlhead

16. @almostcurlygirl

Photo Courtesy of @almostcurlygirl

17. @cavywurly_curls

Photo Courtesy of @cavywurly_curls

18. @amc509

Photo Courtesy of @amc509

19. @rachael_dyck

Photo Courtesy of @rachael_dyck

20. @lesliellozano

Photo Courtesy of @lesliellozano

Naturally Curly’s very own Social Media Manager Leslie has a combination of 2C curls at her crown and 2B hair at her nape. Read up on how she practices self-care and check her out on ig for more curly #inspo.

Have 2C hair?

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