When you’re searching for the best hair products, do you ever get the feeling that you’re being pigeon-holed? If you have coily hair, it’s definition. If you have curly hair, it’s strong hold. And if it’s wavy hair, you are almost always looking for volume. But those with wavy hair need strong hold products as well. It’s not just about what your hair does, but rather how it does it. All hair types should be allowed these options, and wavy hair products with strength should be no different.

Problems With Strong Hold Products

Products that boast of strength are meant for their positive aspects. Some products are better than others, and strong-hold products are no different. But like every product type, products meant for one type of hair usually mean that there are drawbacks, if not damaging effects, for other types.

Strong-hold products are usually meant for curly or coily hair. After all, curly and coily hair types need that strong hold to keep their shape. But wavies know that strength can mean a heavier product where the hold actually drags the hair down. And because strong hold products are usually meant for curlier hair types, those with wavy hair can often feel out of luck.

How To Use Strong Hold Products

The application of the product is just as important as which hair type is best suited for the product. Here are some tips for using strong hold products on wavy hair.

If you use products that contain silicones, you will need to be sure to use a clarifying shampoo at least once a week to rid your scalp of any products buildup, which will weigh down and possibly straighten out your waves.

  1. If the product is a gel or mousse, work it through your wet hair with a wide tooth comb. That way it will reduce the likeliness of frizzing and clumping. Regardless of product, make sure it is applied evenly throughout the hair.
  2. There are several different kinds of products, including strong hold products, for wavy hair. If it is hair spray, place some in the palm of your hand for a more even coat. If you choose to spray, make sure the can is the instructed inches away from your head.
  3. To avoid excessive frizz, make sure to touch your hair as little as possible once all of the products are applied. Frizz increases the chance of unmanageable and unruly hair, which reduces the effect of strong hold products.
  4. Remember to read the instructions carefully. Often times, the product has tips for better use — and usually less is more.
  5. Which leads us to: don’t overuse any kind of strong hold product for wavy hair. This goes hand in hand with reading the directions, but overusing one or more products will only make your hair look like a wet, crunchy mess and that’s not always the best style or look.

Take A Look At Ingredients

All wavy hair benefits from strength, inside and out. Although shampoo and conditioner are the first steps to strong hair, strong hold products should contain nutrients that compliment your hair and hair type. Keratin, a natural building block of hair, fills in any gaps within the hair cuticle. This means less breakages and frizz. It also means that if it’s in a strong hold product for wavy hair, it will double the strength of the product.

Strong hold products also contain collagen and silicone which protect the hair from the environment. This helps keep the wavy hair in place as nutritious proteins like keratin fill in gaps.

Remember, if you use products that contain silicones, you will need to be sure to use a clarifying shampoo at least once a week to rid your scalp of any products buildup, which will weigh down and possibly straighten out your waves.

Products to Try

Although there are not a lot of strong hold products for wavy hair, there are a couple of notable styling products that you may like to try. For an anti-frizz treatment, try John Frieda Frizz-Ease Extra Strength Hair Serum. Used sparingly, this clear liquid calms frizz, flyaways and provides an easier palate for hair styling. For any strong hold product for wavy hair, remember to use in small quantities and comb through wet hair. Otherwise, it will look greasy.

For a strong styling product for wavy and curly hair, many love Keratase Nurtitive Elasto Curl Aqua Mousse by L’Oreal. Mousse is a notoriously light substance and this gives extra strength and hold to curls and waves while maintaining the bounce. Again, use sparingly and work through your hair for those perfect waves.

Have you found any strong-hold products that don't weigh down your waves? Let us know about them!