Let’s not do what we did last year with getting your lovely hair straightened, shall we? It’s been overdone. You want all eyes on you and you’ve got the tresses to make that happen. Volume, curl definition, fighting off humidity, and long-lasting hold - there are products for that. 

But the most important beauty transformation tips we can give actually come from within. Here's how to be your most beautiful self at prom.

Be Yourself

Everyone else is taken, so it’s time to be the beautiful curly girl that makes you unique. No one wants to wear the same dress so why would you want to have the same tired hairstyle that other young ladies will be sporting? Straight hair is supposed to look sleek, but it has the tendency to look dull with no life or volume. It’s also supposed to look sexy, but by the end of the night it just looks limp. Uh huh, we can do better than that. Allow your hair personality and curls to shine all night long. All you need are the right products!

Be Your Curls

Anyone can have straight hair. Yes, they can. Got a flat iron? Got a salon for a Brazilian? Your curls, coils, and waves are too gorgeous and amazing to process with damaging relaxers. You don’t have to hide or change them because there is a special occasion. I encourage you to do the contrary. This is the time to dazzle all those amazing styles that you have seen on your favorite curly girl sites, models, and vloggers on YouTube. You have the hair most women dream of (yes, they do) so make them stare, gawk, and drool with envy as you stun the prom with your curls, coils, and waves.

Make ‘em big with volume for days! Put them in a messy (but sexy) bun as a top knot or chignon. Rock a funky fro hawk or try an elegant updo with waterfall curls all over. There is too much character in your curls to straighten them for prom. They have too much personality and glam just like you.

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

Beauty comes from within and when you accept your tresses you can begin to understand them; and with that understanding you can nurture it to be as beautiful as you. Don’t hide your curls and surely don’t fry them. Let them out to play for prom and embrace their individuality. No one wants to be a carbon copy and no woman is more beautiful than when she’s in love with her own essence. It’s time to love your curls, coils, and waves and make prom a memorable and exceptional night!

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