Question: How can curlies combat the heat and humidity when summer rolls around?

Answer: Check out the top ten hairstyles for summer stylin’!

Here we show styles for 1s, 2s, and 3As. Check here for looks for 3bs, 3cs and 4s. Unfamiliar with our hair typing system? Learn more here!

Side Braid

Kate Bosworth’s soft side braid can go from casual to chic and suits both fine and coarse textures.

Sleek Slick

Chanel Iman keeps cool with a chic parted and slicked hairstyle that can work on short and medium lengths.

Wavy Side Twist

A side twist or braid like Lauren Conrad’s signature look is great on any hair texture.

Double Braid:  French/Fishtail

This stylish and unique look combines a small French braid on top with a thick fishtail pulling back all of the hair.

Ballerina Bun

Jennifer Lopez sports this chic and easy updo to create a classic look.

Loose Bun

Taylor Swift flaunts her ringlets with a glamorous low-slung bun.

Wavy Pigtails

Loose pigtails or braids are a fun and effortless look for hot weather months.

Braided Pony

Molly Sims adds flair to her curly ponytail with a mini- French braid.

Half-up Hair

Freida Pinto looks sophisticated with a pulled back look that can suit all curlies.

  • French Braids With A Twist
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar’s beautiful updo has a modern yet soft feel to it.