Winter can be harsh for your hair – especially for us curlies! So we caught up with curl expert Ouidad and got her top curly hair care tips for protecting your curls this winter.

With the winter come hats, scarves and overall more protective styling.

“To revive curls after wearing a hat, and without using product, I do recommend using water,” says Ouidad. “Wet your hands in a sink and run them over the curls. This will help give them some moisture. Then, to give volume back to flattened curls, place your fingertips on your scalp and massage the roots of the hair to open up the curls again.”

Ouidad also suggests that you carefully arrange your hair before you put a hat on to avoid too much flattening.

“When you are planning on wearing a hat, roll your hair into pin curls and secure them with a bobby pin before putting on your hat. When you take it off, remove the bobby pins and let your curls fall into place.”

The cold temps and harsh winds can wreak havoc on kinky tresses, plus they can cause dryness and frizz that keep your curls from looking luscious. So how can you keep your hair from getting weary this winter?

Prevention is always the best remedy, so below are Ouidad’s curly hair care solutions to keep bad hair days at bay this cold, snowy season.


A silk lined hat can be a kinky curls’ best friend this season, an excellent way to protect delicate curls when temperatures plunge. And to ensure that your ringlets are ready to brave the elements, choose a lightweight conditioner like Ouidad Moisture Lock Leave In Conditioner, which does the job without weighing your curls down.


It can be easy to overdo it with too many products while trying to keep your hair looking great, but Ouidad advises that less is more as product build up can cause locks to look limp and lackluster. That’s why Ouidad’s Shine Glaze Serum rinses easily, so dullness is never an issue.


Curls can lose nutrients, especially when they’re dry and weather damaged. Luckily, health and beauty can be restored with deep conditioning. Ouidad’s Deep Treatment lays a nourishing foundation for manageable curls.

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Final Thoughts

We’ll always have bad weather days to endure, but you can rely on Ouidad solutions to control them and help put the bad hair day blues behind you!