Hair Types

Determining your hair type is a starting point to finding the right products and styles for your hair. NaturallyCurly’s curl type system focuses on types 2 (wavy), types 3 (curly) and types 4 (coily). The sub classifications - from A to C - are based upon the diameter of the wave, curl or coil.

Our hair type system, modeled after celebrity stylist Andre Walker’s definitions of hair types, details the different hair types found within the broader curly hair description. Our goal here is to help clear up any confusion so you can not only understand your hair type, but find the best products that work for your unique hair type, and embrace it.

Note: you may not fit perfectly into one category or subcategory. You you may have a combination of several hair types on your head. That’s totally normal.

We hope this guide will help you embrace the natural beauty of your hair type and maybe even give you some new insight on what products work best for your individual hair type.

Type 2 Wavy Hair

Type 3 Curly Hair

Type 4 Coily Hair

About Hair Types

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