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Stylist: Amanda

I just moved to the area and was hoping to find someone who was educated with curly hair and knew how to cut it. After reading reviews on this website, I decided I would give Moxie a shot. I am so glad I did! Amanda did an amazing job with my hair - It looks better than it has in years! I'm excited that I finally found someone who can cut my hair properly, give me tips that actually work, and is a pleasure to chat with. I would highly recommend!

Reviewed on: 10.12.12

Stylist: Joey

After a long search for someone who could truly cut curly hair, I decided to try this salon based on other reviews I read. I was able to make an appointment with Joey and I was not disappointed. It was clear from start to finish that he gets curly hair! At no point did he treat my natural curls like straight hair and by the time he was done, my curls looked awesome! He cut my hair dry and then did a creme cleanse and intense conditioning. He would not use a regular towel on my hair and was even careful to select the right stying product for my type of hair. I am thrilled and cannot express how happy I am! Usually I have to go home and wash my hair to try to rescue it, but no longer. My hair looked amazing and I could have went straight to work. Joey will be doing my hair from now on!

Reviewed on: 09.09.12

Stylist: Joey

They have a wonderful salon,everyone is friendly. Joey did an amazing job of cutting my hair. It turned out perfect(the deva cut). He is really nice and listened to what I wanted and happily used my own products.I should have brought my own conditioner because the one they have my hair doesn't like. Oh, and he knows how to style curly hair!! Dawn

Reviewed on: 31.03.11

Stylist: Brentt

Ah, dear Brentt, he is truly a curly girl's best friend. I found Brentt through this website's recommendation about 2 years ago, and hope I never have to find another stylist (a girl can dream). When I first met Brentt, I had been following the CG method for a few months and was determined to make my longish wavy hair stylish and fun. He did that and more... beyond my dreams. He made me LOVE my hair. On my first visit, he gave me a complete tutorial on how to care for my curls. Lots of the methods were ones I had read about on this website, but many were new (Brentt uses a chop-stick instead of fingers when styling my hair--makes for way less frizz!). I love that every cut he has given my tresses has been wonderful, and by far the best haircuts i have ever had in my life. He also is innovative and creative with color, and helped me branch out from simple highlights and low lights into blocks of color and other fun and beautiful options. I get compliments on my hair all of the time, and always remember to give credit where credit is due... to Brentt. Not only is he a fabulous stylist, but he is also a fantastic educator (not just to other stylists, but his clients, as well). He's fast, he's THOROUGH, he's hilarious, and never pushes me to try or buy anything. I could not be happier with Brentt!

Reviewed on: 05.01.11

Stylist: Amanda

Amanda is great. I had been letting my hair grow out after getting it cut really short, and she explained how the different areas were growing out and how she wanted to style them. She has long curly hair too, so not only is she super well trained, but she's working on the same type of hair that she styles for herself. I think I found my new stylist!

Reviewed on: 30.11.10

Stylist: Amanda

I just had my hair cut by Amanda a couple of days ago and I couldn't be happier. I wish I had found her earlier!!!! It was the first good dry cut and the first time my hair has been this curly. The only thing I didn't like was the styling products, they made my hair limp. When I used mine at home my curls popped!

Reviewed on: 19.08.10

Stylist: Amanda

I have been seeing Amanda at Moxie for almost a year now, and I can proudly say my hair has never looked better. The first time I came in to see Amanda, she gave me my first dry cut ever. As other reviewers have pointed out, Amanda attended Loraine Massey's training on cutting curly hair. A dry cut was exactly what my curls needed. After the cut, she washed and styled my hair. An added perk: the free aromatherapy hot washcloth and scalp massage (and that's for any level haircut!). I have seen Amanda multiple times since my first cut for both cuts and color. Always ALWAYS fantastic! I recommended my mom to see Amanda too and she loves her too! My mom's hair is a wavy, and Amanda brought out all her beautiful waves and even some curls too! Amanda is definitely my hair's soulmate!:) Check her out!

Reviewed on: 25.05.10

Stylist: Sarah

I had my wedding hair done by Sarah and have continued to go back to her since! She has curly hair herself and gives great tips and has wonderful ideas on things to try with my hair.

Reviewed on: 30.11.09

Stylist: Matty

I've been seeing Matty for two years now, and he is the only person who can touch my hair. My hair looks better than it ever has in (almost) 30 years. My boyfriend, who has thick, wavy hair and my best friend, who also has thick, wavy hair adore him. My sister forgoes any New York City stylist and will fly home for Matty. Not only is he wonderful with my hair, he is a total sweetie.

Reviewed on: 16.10.09

Stylist: Amanda

I just had the best haircut of my life from Amanda. I've gone to many salons over the years and was amazed that most stylists don't know how to work with curly hair. Amanda does a fantastic job. My hair is so easy to work with after her cuts. She listens and teaches great tricks for styling my wild mass of curls. I highly recommend her!

Reviewed on: 28.09.09

Stylist: Amanda

My last haircut was at the Devashan salon in NYC. It was great haircut and so Amanda had a lot to live up to. She listened to what I wanted and really had a good understanding of how to cut and style curly hair. I walked out of the salon liking my hair as much as I did in NYC. I'd highly recommend her.

Reviewed on: 23.09.09

Stylist: Amanda

I got a haircut by Amanda yesterday, and she did a fantastic job! She just attended the Deva training in NYC, so she cut my hair dry, then shampooed and styled. I was so completely happy with her expertise and confidence in giving me a great cut that made my curls look beautiful with really nice layers. It is always so nerve-wracking to find a new stylist, but I am really happy I went to Amanda and I will continue to do so! I am recommending her to all my curly hair friends in the Twin Cities. Bottom line: Amanda gives super awesome curly haircuts and was a great person.

Reviewed on: 25.06.09

Stylist: Angela

I got a very nice haircut from Angela a couple of weeks ago. She cut it dry to start, explaining that there is a place to cut every curl that releases it. She said that the stylists at Moxie train stylists from other salons in how to cut curly hair. I have wavy hair, not curly, but I've been moving quite a bit over the past couple of years and have been coming to this site to find stylists on the advice of my stylist back in Boston, who said that with thick wavy hair you want a stylist who's good with curly hair. Anyway, the cut I got from Angela is among the best I've ever had. After she cut it dry, she washed it and gave me a very relaxing scalp massage - again, one of the best I've ever had. Then she styled it and dried it under a dryer to simulate air drying, because I air-dry my hair. The cut is cute and low-maintenance. And because it was cut dry, I didn't end up with little tiny bits of hair stuck all over my skin, as has happened with past haircuts from other stylists. Angela also seems to be a very nice person. Thumbs up.

Reviewed on: 24.09.07

Stylist: Matt

I first saw Matty as a walk-in six years ago and I've been seeing him (and only him) ever since. He is the first stylist I've ever had who has never tried to convince me to straighten my hair - he understands curly hair and loves to work with it. He is a master at shaping my curls and taming my frizz, and he always knows exactly what to do to work with my head and my lifestyle. Plus, and this is really important to me, he recommends products and has shown me techniques that I do end up using. So I actually CAN make my hair look cute even after I've left the salon. Which had never happened before for me. Matty is the best - I totally recommend him!

Reviewed on: 11.09.07

Stylist: Matty

I don't have curly hair, but I've seen the work he's done and WOW, it's fantastic! (It makes me want curly hair, just so I could have Matt do it!!) He's got an eye and a passion for making the curly hair as pretty as it can be - and it looks natural too (not oily and weighted down or frizzy, but healthy!)

Reviewed on: 06.09.07

Stylist: Heidi

Heidi was completely trustworthy. She cut off 6-8 inches off my hair & had free reign on the coloring. It took her 3 hours, being as detail oriented by even defining each large curl & cutting it so it'd fall in place every following day. She truly is an artist. Everyone says I look even better than the picture I used for reference!

Reviewed on: 18.04.07

Stylist: Jen

Today was my second cut with Jen and I think it's the best salon experience I've ever had!! The scalp massage and hot towel treatment are a yummy bonus accompanying a very reasonably priced cut. Jen basically hedges my hair like a bush!!! And she's the first stylist that can style my hair nicer than I can.

Reviewed on: 25.01.07

Stylist: Catlin

Catlin is a curly hair specialist, and I'll never let anyone else touch my hair again. That's all that need be said!

Reviewed on: 16.01.07

Stylist: Micah

I went to Moxie for the first time two days ago, and was totally blown away. The customer service is like none other I've ever experienced at a salon, and you can tell that everyone that works there really knows what they're doing. Micah was amazing and I think I'm going to call him and thank him for giving me the best hair cut of my entire life! He really knows how to work with curly hair, and not just in general but YOUR curly hair. He gave me a lot of advice and demonstration on how to take care of my hair best and get the most out of my curls. He really listened to what I wanted out of my haircut as well. He even brought up the Curly Girl book and brought it over for me to read during my cut. I really felt that I could trust anyone there to work on my hair, which is really rare for curly girls!

Reviewed on: 15.11.06

Stylist: Dawne

Like many of us, I've been searching for a salon that can work with my hair. Last month, I tried Moxie (the bright orange sign grabbed my attention). I asked the receptionist if they had anyone in particular who worked well with curls, and she suggested Dawne, who has curly hair herself, right off. I don't know what Dawne did to my hair, but it worked. She waved her scissors over my head, and magically, it stopped going out at the ends, and went down, as hair should. I'm still stunned when I think about it. This is the first time I've ever had a good hair cut.

Reviewed on: 24.08.06

Stylist: Jen

I just went to Jen... after hearing about her from a friend of a friend. It was a great experience! I am definately a hair salon critic--I have been to Black Salons, White Salons... and I have had a really hard time finding anyone who can cut Long, Thick, Curly Latina hair. In the past, I've mostly had to wait until I was out of town for work in Chicago, Houston, NYC etc. to find a good cut. But not anymore!!! Jen kept the length of my hair, added more layers that helped keep the curl at the top. AND she didn't try to thin my hair with a razor/scissors which always happens. She cut my hair dry, which has NEVER happened in MN (only in NY and Chicago Salons) the scalp treatment she used instead of Shampoo was great. And best of all... not one complaint about "how much hiar you have", or "your hair is so thick" which is normally what I hear. I was in and out in under and hour--which is unheard of. I liked it so much, I went ahead and set up my next cut and color! She is great. If you have long, thick, crazy curly hair--this is the girl for you.

Reviewed on: 16.04.06

Stylist: Jen

As a recent "curly convert" I had a hard time finding a stylist that could help me pull the shape together after years of fighting my natural tendancies.Jen is terrific and my search is over! She cut my hair dry and washed it afterward which made a significant difference in the outcome.I could not be happier. :) ~ Trish

Reviewed on: 28.02.06

Stylist: Jen

Jen is great. I went to her yesterday and I am so happy with my cut. And she is a wealth of information about curls!

Reviewed on: 26.01.06

Stylist: Jen

Jen is Fantastic! My Husband and I travel all over the U.S. for the company that we work for and unfortunately this makes it very hard to maintain a relationship with one stylist. However, after reading your reviews, I decided to chance it, on someone else's advice and was so glad I did. I would definitely suggest Jen to anyone with Curly Hair, she does know what she's doing! We will be in MN. for quite awhile and I will continue to see Jen for cut and color. Sherri

Reviewed on: 26.01.06

Stylist: Jen

After seeing recommendations for Jen at Moxie, I went to her myself and she did a great job. She cuts my hair dry which allows her to actually see how it will look. I've been pleased with her cuts and they also grow out well, since I think she aims to create a style that will work under "real-world" conditions. Also, Moxie now has both Minneapolis and Saint Paul locations, so you can get a good curly haircut no matter which side of the river you're partial to.

Reviewed on: 26.01.06