107 N Walnut St
Glenwood, IA 51534, United States


I've been here twice with two different stylists (Heather and Lisa) and both were terrific.

Reviewed on: 04.12.13

Stylist: Gene

Amazing, amazing, amazing owner and stylist, Gene Hendren. A co-worker had thick wavy hair and it always looked great so I asked who cut it for her. I've been going to him ever since! This salon used to do the Channel 5 news team and they always have great stylist working there. You cannot go wrong at this place!

Reviewed on: 29.05.13

Stylist: Vanessa

Vanessa at The Salon in San Diego--amazing stylist on curly hair. I have 3b/c hair that is bouncy and has perfectly formed ringlets. She does a fantastic job on highlights, also. I have caramel blonde. My hair is easier to manage because she knew how to cut my curls properly. I highly recommend Vanessa--she is like a magician for curly hair. And oh, if you want a straight 'do for a change, she can spin straw into silk. Either way, she is the way to go for curly hair!

Reviewed on: 21.06.06