9513 silverdale way #103
silverdale, WA 98383, United States



Stylist: Great Clips

I love my local Great Clips! I have had bad experiences with Great Clips shops in the past, but this one is top-notch.

Reviewed on: 31.12.10

Stylist: Katie Hines

Super awesome stylist! She has worked in the top salons in the area. Recently went and opened up several new salons in the area! Only stylist who can make my out of control, curly, fuzz look decent!

Reviewed on: 30.12.10

Stylist: Jessica

Jessica is knowledgeable about haircare and does a great job of styling and perming.

Reviewed on: 30.12.10

Stylist: Nathan

I've followed Nathan all over Wilmington, and have always been thrilled with the results. He was recommended by a sister curly head and he delivered! He listens, he visualizes, and he produces exactly what you had in mind - even if it's only by description. The best part? - Since he is at Great Clips, you get an $80.00 haircut for a fraction of the price! I've had my hair cut and styled by the "Hair Who's Who" of NC, and even been used in hair shows, and Nathan beats them all. Nathan ROCKS!-Debi

Reviewed on: 14.08.07

Stylist: Cathie

I have hair that is naturally very curly and frizzy with a coarse texture. A few years ago I let it grow really long because I just couldn't deal with any more bad haircuts. I walked into Great Clips almost on a whim and was lucky enough to get Cathie. She has cut my hair -- it's short now -- for several years. Two years ago I moved to Houston, but I still try to get every haircut from Cathie. She's great.

Reviewed on: 09.03.06