3449 E Speedway
Tucson, AZ 85716, United States

Stylist: George

I picked George from all the reviews I read on here about him. I drove about 60 miles to tucson to get my hair cut. The salon was nice... Ok so I'm gonna start off with the good points first. They washed and conditioned my hair with sulfate free products, which I thought was awesome. George was very nice and patient and listened to all of my concerns. He was really open to what I was telling him, specifically that I wanted to go naturally curly again. He gave me an awesome cut! He cut enough off so that my hair has body now, BUT not so much where I walked out with a poddle bob cut. Overall, he did a great job. However, ok the bad stuff, for a salon thats suppose to cater to curly hair, tool wise, I don't think they are prepared for it. They dried my hair with a regular towl =x, which in my book is a no go. George combed my hair with a fine tooth comb, and the worst for me was that he had no idea how to style my hair. I have a 2c/3a hair texture. I think he thought he could fix it by adding these really horrible Paul Mitchell products (which are NOT con and sulfate free), however that, coupled with bad diffusing technique made me look like I stuck my finger in the electrical socket. I made another appointment in three months, only because I truly think he knows how to cut curly hair; the only problem is knowing how to style it, but I don't expect anyone to get that but me. So if you're in the area, I think you should give him a shot, he's actually pretty good.

Reviewed on: 19.03.11

Stylist: Tonja

Tonja was very helpful in explaining to me how to wash and style my curly hair. That in and of itself was worth the exorbitant price paid for my haircut. However, the products she uses and sells, Paul Mitchell, are too expensive, thus the four star rating. In fact, the products (the wash and instant moisture daily treatment) made my hair frizzy. Maybe that is why she used three more products on my hair all of which I didn't buy at the time of my hair appointment. Alas, a lesson learned - stay with the less chemically based shampoo and conditioner. Its also better for the pocket book.

Reviewed on: 17.01.11

Stylist: Joseph

I went to this salon several months ago and enjoyed the cut that i got and the products that i bought. I walked away from the salon with a hairstyle that i really loved but then when I tried to replicate it I just couldn't. I tried everything that i was told to do but I just couldn't get the same result. :( Still I did like that he listened to me and gave me a great cut and even though i can't make my hair look like the way he fixed it I still like the cut and my hair still looks good. I think that I will come again and maybe find out what I have been doing wrong :)

Reviewed on: 07.05.10

Stylist: Joseph

I have mostly stuck to the same two salons with the exception of Gadabout once or twice. I noticed within the last year or so that my curls were gettin very loose & lifeless no matter what products I used or how often I went to the salon. I had actually never heard of Spirals salon until I browsed this website and read some reviews. Joseph listened to my concerns & did a total revamp of my layers & bangs. He explained techniques my previous stylists had used that did not favor my curls and I was unaware of. The atmosphere is wonderful and comforting, the staff is welcoming and very knowledgeable! Joseph did not explain the style or the products like he was reading a label and it helped me to put full trust in him and his scissors :) my curls are thick, bouncy and last for days between washes! I will definitely be going back!

Reviewed on: 20.10.09

Stylist: George, Pierre, Joseph

I've had my hair cut by George, Pierre and Joseph at Spirals and each of them did a great job. They listened to what I wanted and the cut was well done by each of them. I was also very impressed with how clean the salon was every time I go in. That's important to me. Great men's haircuts at Spirals.

Reviewed on: 28.08.09

Stylist: Jacqueline Scordato

Hello, I just wanted to give a heads up that after 4 years at Spirals Salon I have decided to make a move to Designing Heads located on the South-west side of Fort Lowell and Alvernon, next door to Le Rendez-vous. I am excited for everyone to experience the light-hearted, up-beat and quality service that Designing Heads and myself will provide for all guests. To make an appointment please call 520-982-3377 or stop in to say hello! Thank you all for your continued support through my journey to opening my own salon in the near future.

Reviewed on: 18.06.09

Stylist: Joseph

I have spent most of my life straightening my hair. My new husband loves my curls so I was trying to let them be. I had my hair cut by a few differant people but wasn't having much luck and wasn't liking it, until I went to Joseph. He was very nice, listened to what I said and when he was done my hair looked incredible. Thank you Joseph, I will be back.

Reviewed on: 23.05.09

Stylist: Kyrstal

Krystal has given me two haircuts and I have loved them both. I have curly hair and she listens to my needs. She is very knowledgeable with curly hair. I highly recommend her if you live in the Tucson area and you have curly hair.

Reviewed on: 10.04.09

Stylist: Joseph

I was totally frustrated with looking the same because hair dressers were afraid to do anything with my natural curly hair. After a couple months of research, I drove from Peoria to Tuscon, about 100 miles, to get my hair cut and colored. Joseph was awesome! He took his time, talked to me about products and styling. My hair looked great when I left the salon! It looked great the next day when I styled it curly and the day after that when I styled it staright. Everyone has given me compliments! I am so happy and will definately be going back!

Reviewed on: 09.06.08

Stylist: Jacqueline

After reading the recommendations off this website I decided to try Jacqueline. I was very impressed. She gave me a new style, which I never new was possible, and gave me some tips for wearing it that I could do at home ( and I can actually replicate them!) Jacqueline was a pleasure not only does she do a great job she has a wonderful personality. I highly recommend her, she's worth the wait to get in.

Reviewed on: 31.07.07

Stylist: George

I had two different appointments with George. The first was great -- a good cut and style. The second time, I also had color to cover my grays. It was really, REALLY dark, like, colored-in-with-black-magic-marker dark, not dark brown, which is my natural color. When I said, "Wow, it looks really dark!" he said, "No, that's your natural color." Really? You'd think I'd know that by now. Also, on that appointment, he cut my hair significantly shorter on the left side than on the right. His response: "That's just the way the curls are different on each side." Umm, really, no. I'm kind of turned off from George now, since I didn't feel like he was listening to me. Too bad, since there seemed to be potential there. George, I know you said you never read this site, but I know that you do, so, hope you're well, and listen a little closer to your clients!

Reviewed on: 23.07.07

Stylist: Jacqueline

I love Jacqueline!!! She's cut and colored my hair for the past 6 months and my hair has never looked better. She's actually given my curly hair an amazing updated cut and my color is hot! I'm a client for life and will follow her anywhere!

Reviewed on: 22.06.07

Stylist: George

After seeing numerous recommendations on here for Spirals in Tucson, I decided to go. I've had very basic haircuts in the past, but nothing I'm happy with to make my curls sing and give my head "shape" (as opposed to "rats nest" on the bottom and flat on top). I was very pleased with my cut today by George, and will go back at the end of summer. Joseph rocks with the shampoo/condition treatment as well! I recommend Spirals to anyone in/near Tucson as there isn't another place like it.

Reviewed on: 15.06.07

Stylist: Jacqueline Scordato

I have curly hair that I like to wear both curly and straight, it has been an onging battle to find someone who can cut and color it to look good both ways. After a few of my friends kept talking about Jacqueline I decided to try her out. I am so happy with my hair! I get compliments all the time and it's easy to do!! She was so much fun and gave a great shampoo. She also took the time to straighten my hair and give me a little makeup refresher, I looked amazing and my husband loved it too!

Reviewed on: 11.03.07

Stylist: Autumn

"Upon entering Spirals, I was a little apprehensive. I had decided to cut my curly waist-length hair short. I was fortunate enough to get an appointment with Autumn. She took the time to understand what my needs were. When I left, I was not only wearing a great new short hair cut, but also a bright smile. She made my hair look better than it had in years. I have since returned, cutting my hair even shorter. I highly recommend Autumn. She is a great hair professional. She is a lovely person, who truly enjoys her occupation and her clients."

Reviewed on: 21.02.07

Stylist: Autumn

I recently searched for a curly salon in Arizona, after finding such great reviews about Spirals I made an appointment with Autumn she new exactly what I wanted and gave me the best cut I have had in years. I highly recomend her to anyone with curly hair.

Reviewed on: 24.01.07

Stylist: George

To Whom It May Concern: After reading a review about myself on NaturallyCurly.com I would like to apologize to the party involved. If I can rectify the situation in any way please let me know. My reputation as a hair dressaer for 23 years and that of Spirals Salon is very important to me. Thank you for your consideration. George, Spirals Salon

Reviewed on: 14.07.06

Stylist: Jacqueline

I drove from Phoenix to Tuscon to have my hair cut at this salon because of the reviews I read at this site. I am biracial with 3c frizzy curly hair, so I was naturally nervous about having it cut anywhere because of bad experiences I've had in the past. Jacqueline was very sweet, listened to me, and did EXACTLY what I wanted, and she did not cut more than necessary anywhere. My cut is absolutely fabulous! I will definately be back!

Reviewed on: 04.07.06

Stylist: George

I saw that George was recommended so decided to make an appointment. It was the worst experience of my life. He booked too many appointments which meant that he didn't even look at my hair dry or discuss what I was looking for. Then when he cut my hair, he did a horrible job so he could get me out of there in time for his next appointment. He was absolutely terrible and had the worst behaviour towards a client I have ever seen. I would think twice before going to him.

Reviewed on: 23.06.06

Stylist: George

I would recommend this salon to anyone with curly hair. I had read the previous reviews, and dicided to go make an apointment. They got me in with George and he did an excellent job on my hair. I went from looking like a box head, to having a wonderful cut that defines my face. My curls are so bouncy now, I can't believe that it is my actual hair.

Reviewed on: 06.05.06

Stylist: George

I had not been to a salon for 2 years and have been practicing the Curly Girl maintenance for my curls--but the back of my hair had just gotten too long and shapeless. I was very nervous about the visit but everyone at the salon was very nice. George cut my hair wet, but it ended up looking great! He said he knew why I was worried about cutting wet--but that he has been cutting curly hair fro 20+ years and can pretty well tell how the curls will fall even when wet. I would recommend this stylist and salon and will be back since there does not seem to be a stylist in AZ that follows the Curly Girl method of haircutting--one curl at a time.

Reviewed on: 26.01.06