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Stylist: Barbara Taber

I have been going to Barbara for 6+ years now and could not be happier. She absolutely knows curls better than anyone in town. Her haircuts take away the dreaded "pyramid look" and leave me with hair that grows down (not out!) and looks fantastic. She also knows exactly how to color curls properly. I would highly recommend the glaze she offers - it makes your hair incredibly healthy and shiny. I get complements all the time (from strangers!) about my hair. In fact, when I was in New York and stopped at Ouidad for a style only, the Ouidad stylist told me that whoever was cutting my hair was doing a great job, and she would not have changed a thing about the cut! Going to Barbara is the best thing you can do for your curly hair. I assure you, you will be thrilled with the result.

Reviewed on: 17.10.08

Stylist: Barbara Taber

I had another wonderful appointment with Barbara Taber. I absolutely love the hair cut she created for me (my friends love it too). Barbara is a very talented, insightful, and amiable hair stylist who provides excellent service and advice. She put a lot of care and effort into making this client's hair come alive again. She transformed my dull, damaged hair into healthy, vibrant locks. I recommend getting the penetrating conditioning treatment and the glaze in addition to the haircut. My many thanks to Barbara Taber.

Reviewed on: 29.12.06

Stylist: Barbara Taber

After going to seven different stylists (all in 1 year!) at top-rated salons in Newport Beach I decided to drive all the way to Los Angeles to see Barbara afer the comments I've read here on this website. I've never had any stylist take the time she took in regard to my high lights. She had to fix a color mistake and this took a lot of time and effort on her part. I've had my hair high lighted most of my adult life and the stylist will "check" while you are under the dryer and say you are or are not "done." Then you either continue under the dryer or go to the shampoo bowl. Barbara checked and saw that my roots were "done" but not my ends. She then rinsed my roots so they wouldn't be too light and put me back under the dryer until the ends were the appropriate color. I have never had ANY stylist do this which may explain why I've had so many bad high lights (the color took too much in one place - not enough in another.) As for the cut I am thrilled. The last stylist used "thinning shears" which made my curls look frizzy and lay wrong (a total understatement if you know what I mean.) I am growing my hair out and she took just enough off to correct the "thinning shears" problem. It's much easier to manage now. She also showed me 2 styling techniques to give me "lift" at the roots... and she let me try it with her watching which is important. Most stylists will "show" you but not allow you to try it so when you get home you don't know what you are doing. I just wanted to share with everybody my experience since this is the website I use for product and style information for my curly hair. If you live in the area (or even if you don't - as I said I have to drive from Orange County) and are tired of the standard "blowout" and use of the flat iron by stylists even when you SAY you are not going to do that when you style it at home then try Barbara. She's nice as well as totally qualified to do color and (the reason we are all reading this)... cut curly hair.

Reviewed on: 03.02.06

Stylist: Barbra Taber

WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!! So bad, I'm attempting to post this for the third time. I started going back to Ouidad in NY because she was so awful. Like another poster, it took FOUR hours (I missed a volunteer event I was supposed to attend because of this). She completely STRAIGHTENED two inches at the root-- I mean, STICK straight-- after I repeatedly and explicitly told her what I wanted (just a softening at the root, not TWO INCHES OF STICK STRAIGHT HAIR!!!). Worst of all, she has NO CLUE how to cut long curls. I made it very clear when I spoke with her (she refused to do a consult, which should have been my first clue)that I wanted someone who knows either the carving and slicing technique or notching. She swore she did. She clearly did not. She started hacking away and when I stopped her, she ASKED ME (!!!) how it was done, then started trying to do it, said she liked it and would have to learn more about it!!! Ummm...lady, I'm not a beauty school model. I can't make it back to NY until May now, but I'm going to check out Yanai or Batia. No way I could have a worse experience. The only good thing to come out of going to see Barbra is I have now become adamant about consults.

Reviewed on: 26.01.06