1259 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC , Canada

Stylist: Marty

I went to see Marty based on a recommendation from a friend and a reviews on this site. He cut my hair dry and gave me the shape and length I asked for. I will be returning to see Marty for my next cut.

Reviewed on: 20.12.06

Stylist: Marty

For all those out there that see Marty...Just thought I would make sure you know that the salon has moved to a new location on Granville Street... It Looks Amazing!!!

Reviewed on: 25.08.06

Stylist: Andrew

He is amazing!!!!! I have long (extremely long) unruly hair and he does it better than anyone in the world. For color, trims, cuts, styles, and even up-doos....Andrew is your man. I've been seeing him for almost 2 years and haven't cheated once!

Reviewed on: 06.04.06

Stylist: Marty

Anyone who see's this guy is in for a treat! He has this italian line of products that have completely transformed my curl...thanks for the recomendations here online!!!

Reviewed on: 02.04.06