8679 Irvine Center Drive
Irvine, CA 92618, United States

Stylist: Joanne Kim

I found Joanne via this site and she fixed my layered cut (from another stylist) that was giving me more trouble than I've EVER had with my hair. I can finally style my hair without having a temper tantrum, but I have an IMPORTANT UPDATE: Joanne is at a NEW SALON. I will make sure this salon is listed on the site, but for anyone who pulls up Jonathan Martin Salon, please note that JOANNE HAS MOVED TO AG LOUNGE FOR HAIR. 14980 Sand Canyon Ave., Ste. A., Irvine, CA. 949-786-0585. I'm so thankful to have found this site and Joanne that I wanted to make sure people knew of her new location.

Reviewed on: 17.06.09

Stylist: Joanne Kim

Okay, after 30-plus years of blowing, ironing, relaxing and thermaling my hair I decided to go natural. I've tried it before and it always felt like I had a bird's nest on my head, especially in humid weather. That's why I always went back to trying to have straighter hair. So, I've had enough of all the straightening stuff and decided to try again. I found this website and searched the "CurlSalons" section for a close-to-home curl expert. I decided to see if Joanne was still available since the last review was from 2008. I just got back from my hair appointment an hour ago. All the reviews are honest and accurate; she is an expert. I haven't used shampoo for about 2.5 months and they had no problem with doing my conditioner-only pre-wash. Joanne knew all about the "no-poo" method. My curly hair was all "willy-nilly" when I arrived. We talked about what I wanted and she was spot on. She left the length and still set the curls free, now they're bouncy. She showed me some quick techniques for getting any random strands looking better after I wet my hair each morning. I won't need another haircut for about three months, (another advantage of wearing naturally-curly hair). I'm glad I went when I did because Joanne and the rest of the Jonathan Martin crew are moving to a new location at the end of this month (June, 2009). Here's where: AG Lounge For Hair 14980 Sand Canyon, #2C Irvine, CA 92618 (949) 786-0585 It's not far from their current location. If you want a good cut see Joanne, she's the best!

Reviewed on: 06.06.09

Stylist: Joanne

I love Joanne. She has made my curly girl daughter and I blissfully happy. She cuts curls in ways that most stylists don't even think about. I can't wait to see her tomorrow!

Reviewed on: 08.07.08

Stylist: joanne

i was in desparate need of a haircut. i'm living overseas and everywhere i've been here i've gotten cheap haircuts intended for straight hair. on a brief visit to socal, joanne sat me down and gave me a proper cut in about the same amount of time as the other stylists, yet with respect for the curl. my hair laid nicer and curled better than it has in years! i've never gotten so many compliments on a haircut. all my curly-haired friends in my new country are jealous! she's competent, knowledgeable, friendly, and fast. i may have to return for another haircut!

Reviewed on: 30.11.07

Stylist: Joanne

Joanne is everything they say she is! I have very difficult to manage curly- frizzy hair and now it's going gray! She gave me a modern, flattering and easy to care for cut. I was worried, she does not look like she has a curly hair problem herself, but that is just becase she is so good at what she does. She is also very mature and experienced for her years. Go see her!

Reviewed on: 02.10.07

Stylist: Joanne

I had decided to ditch the flatiron and go curly, but my former stylist just chopped some layers into my hair and left it very blah. I found Joanne through this website and after just 2 haircuts my hair is back to just the way I like it. She did such a great job on the color that for the first time I am getting compliments. The best is that I took my teenage daughter in and Joanne gave her the prettiest layered hair cut. I always thought my daughter's hair was wavy, but Joanne cut it in such a way to bring out her beautiful loose ringlets. She looked so pretty when Joanne was finished with her my jaw dropped. On top of everything else, she is both efficient and funny. Can you ask for more in a stylist?

Reviewed on: 04.08.07

Stylist: Joanne

Joanne is awesome! I had numerous encounters of the infamous "pyramid hair do," but thanks to Joanne, she was able to fix it. I've been going to her for the past year or so, and I'm so glad that I found a person who I can actually refer to as my hair stylist. Thanks Joanne!

Reviewed on: 01.06.06