1629 Route 33
Trenton, NJ Trenton, United States

Stylist: Wanda

After reading the one review good review here I decided to visit the Salon as it was closest to me. Sadly I was disappointed. Wanda not only butchered my hair by using the thinning shears .....she kept of trying to get me to let her straighten my hair. I had to go to someone else for fixing the mess she maid of my hair. I am still growing them out. Wouldn't really recommend this salon of curlies.

Reviewed on: 02.07.12

Stylist: Wanda

This is a new salon in the Hamilton area. I was seen by Wanda; she did a great job on my 3B-3C hair. She is familiar with natural styling techniques and with texturizers.

Reviewed on: 26.01.06