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Liverpool, NY 13090, United States

Stylist: Sarah M.

I am so happy I got the Ouidad carve and slice from Sarah M. at Innovations Salon and Spa in Liverpool, NY. It was so worth it. I drove 1 1/4 hours to get there. I have been really struggling with my curls and I was certain that it was because I didn't have a decent cut. I tried another place that "speciaized" in curly hair but was really disappointed with the cut and the styling so this time I decided to get a real "curly" cut. I am so happy I did. Sarah was really nice and spent alot of time with me (and my sister, who came along for moral support). My curls looked great when I left and I was able to do it myself too. I wore my hair curly to work for the first time and got so many compliments. It was worth every cent and minute of drive time. Hopefully I will be able to put some pics up but I had forgotten my camera so my sister took some pics with my phone. I just need to figure out how to get them on here.

Reviewed on: 05.05.10

Stylist: Jenna

I got my first Ouidad carve and slice 2 weeks ago. I'm in LOVE! My curls are amazing, they all fall where they're supposed to for a change. I wish I had gotten this done years ago. Thank you so much Jenna!!

Reviewed on: 27.11.09

Stylist: Traci

I went to this salon because of its reviews here. I originally made an appointment with Missy, aka Melissa. They use a method of cutting hair called Ouidad that runs about $80 for the first cut then $65-75 follow up cuts. I'm a college student so I opted for the normal cut for $33. Missy wouldn't cut it the way I asked her to, but she set me up with Traci, a naturally curly stylist who's not afraid of letting curly hair be wild. I really like the job she did on it and it didn't cost a lot.

Reviewed on: 19.09.09

Stylist: Missy

I LOVE Missy. I have been going to see her for two years, and I have never had a bad haircut. Since my hair "turned" curly in high school I have never known what to do with it. It was always frizzy, and haircuts just seemed to make things worse. I finally heard about Ouidad, and went looking for a salon. I found Innovations and Missy. She showed me exactly what to do with my hair on my first appointment, and showed me exactly what products I should be using. I live two hours north of the salon, but never minded making the trek down to the salon - she is that good. I now live in Denver, and try to schedule an appointment with her any time I go back to New York. I am now in dire need of a haircut, with no trip to NY in sight, so I am afraid I am going to have to get a non-Missy, non-Ouidad haircut (and will be severely disappointed). GO SEE MISSY!

Reviewed on: 27.12.08

Stylist: Missy

Wow...I finally took the plunge to get my very curly, very course hair cut at a Ouidad certified salon - thank you to Missy at Innovations in Liverpool, NY ..my hair looks incredible...the OUIDAD products are awesome and sure, you HAVE to do the whole thing or basically your hair is going to look like it did if you don't spend a little time - curls rock - JUST ROLL with it! Day two....and it was STILL EASY! The instruction I received was awesome and she REALLY took the time to TRAIN me on how to DO my doo! I am EXTREMELY pleased with Missy, my cut AND the salon! The whole Ouidad experience is JUST what I expected it to be! Totally professional and I CRIED when I saw myself in the mirror! I felt totally transformed - and that my curls TOTALLY FIT ME! THANK YOU!!!

Reviewed on: 15.07.06