174 Maplewood Avenue
Maplewood, NJ 07040, United States

Stylist: Kenya

I went many years ago. The salon caters to the straight haired clientele. I had lovely highlights done several years ago, and they used a rough towel on my hair then proceeded to scrub at my hear. The no towel is a very basic curly rule. overall meh. I live nearby but don't recommend for naturally curly. I prefer to drive 45 mins away.

Reviewed on: 31.05.15

Stylist: Kenya

I hadn't had my hair professionally cut in over a year but badly needed my ends trimmed & needed overall shaping. I saw Kenya who did a dry curly cut. She asked what kind of products I used, how I wanted my hair to look, & offered a lot of practical and useful advice on maintaining my hair. I was very pleased with my cut. I am now motivated to keep up with trims. :)

Reviewed on: 18.03.14

Stylist: Stephanie Lopez

This by far may have been my best salon visit in my life. I have always dreaded them because I never feel like anyone listens to what I want. Stephanie was the very best stylist a curly girl could have. She asked me many questions during my consultation. She understood that I don't typically go to salons and gave care tips for when I do my hair myself. I was in desperate need of a haircut because my curly fro was getting out of control. She did exactly what I wanted and I left the salon feeling so beautiful and with renewed self-esteem. I highly recommend her for any curly head. It may be a little pricey for some but it is completely worth every penny!

Reviewed on: 14.02.12

Stylist: Stephanie Lopez

I got my first Deva cut with Stephanie She was very nice and tried to give me natural hair care tips. The Staff over all was very friendly as well. She was able to shape out my curls and maintain length as well. Initially I was a bit doubtful, from so many past experience's but but the end of our session I was very happy. I gave a 4 out of 5 rating only because they do not use the Devacurl line of products, they carry there own line, and well my hair have adapted well to Devacurl and tends to look weird when other stuff used. Overall I would recommend this Salon to others and I would return.

Reviewed on: 15.07.11

Stylist: Stephanie Lopez

Stephanie is an absolutely amazing stylist!!!!! She gives great cuts for curly hair and really understands what makes curly hair unique! She also knows how to cut hair for all different varieties of curly and wavy! She will give you the cut you ask for, unless it would look terrible and then she knows how to alter it to make the client look fantastic! Stephanie even googled different celebrities at the salon with me so she new exactly what I wanted my hair to look like. She is also a talented colorist and is applying to be a member of the American Board of Haircolorists. If you want a spectacular and stylish cut for any kind of curly girl, you cannot go wrong with Stephanie! She is wonderful, I won't even let anyone else touch my hair.

Reviewed on: 01.01.11

Stylist: Stephanie

Stephanie did an amazing job with my hair. I have 3b/3c curls, and have had cuts at Christo Salon on 5th in the city before. However, the $200 price tag and my student budget was not going to work, so I decided to try one of my local salon's "curly specialist. She's not the only curl specialist there. I think Kenya is very good with curls, too. My hair cut is INCREDIBLE! It's bouncy, fuller, and definitely worth more than the $60 price tag. She also does the Deva cut too, but I straighten my hair from time to time and wanted that option.

Reviewed on: 22.07.09