815 MacLeod Trail Se
Calgary,  T2G-2M5, United States
(403) 264-4252

Stylist: Hala

found Hala through NaturallyCurly and I couldn be happier. She was great cutting my curls and styling hem afterwards. I felt pampered the entire time. Hala was great when cutting and styling my hair. I'd recommend her to any curly girls out there. I will definitely come back to Hala. 

Reviewed on: 04.06.16

Stylist: Hala

I happened across Hala's about 14 years ago when I needed a cut and my trusted curly hair stylist left the salon I had been going to and vanished.  Hala's Hyatt was in the building I worked in so I decided to give it a try.  The first stylist I saw there was not great, but she rented a chair from Hala, and while a lovely woman, hard to trust someone to cut your hair that doesn't even cut her own! (Super long, dead straight and looked as though it hadn't been cut in years!)

The convenience of being in the building, and being able to get a cut at lunch was so tempting, that while I wasn't thrilled with the first cut, I decided to go back anyway, and I am so glad I did!  On my second visit to the salon (a walk-in), the other stylist wasn't in, but Hala was available, when I sat down, we spent a couple minutes chatting, not about hair, about me. Hala wants to know her clients.  Then we had a talk about my hair and what I wanted done and my challenges with styling and product and getting a GOOD curly cut.

I have been going to Hala ever since.  I recommend her to friends and co-workers and will to you too.  It is a friendly, clean, professional but not snooty atmosphere and I look forward to my time in her chair.

Thank you Hala!

Reviewed on: 16.07.15

Stylist: Hala

I JUST LOVE MY HAIR!!! Honestly i have been looking for a good a hairstylist that doesn't get "Scissor Happy". And Hala cut my hair the way i asked. She styled it beautifully, no frizz, silky and smooth. I have never been Happier! its a clean professional setting, cozy, and Inviting. 

Reviewed on: 20.01.15

Stylist: Hala

Surprised by the positive reviews... my fine hair was overly layered and thinned out and shredded. Had to get a short cut after because it was cut so thin at the bottom. Wierd super short top layer and 80's bangs. This is going to take a while to grow out. Frustrated!!!

Reviewed on: 28.07.12

Stylist: Hala

I was in Calgary for a 4 month internship last summer and decided to try Hala as she had received many positive reviews. I've had many "curly" hair cuts in Toronto prior to this and therefore can compare. This was probably amongst the worst haircuts of my life. She had very little idea about what to do, and kept brushing my hair with her fingers, and destroying the curl. She tried to pressure me several times to get my hair straightened, which I refused. Straight after I left, I put my hair up and washed it when I got home, as she had no idea how to style curly hair. The only positive thing I can say is that she left length, and frankly hardly did anything. Therefore, it wasn't hard to get back to normal.

Reviewed on: 21.12.11

Stylist: Hala

I read all the reviews here and decided to give Hala a try. I have wavy/curly hair (2c), medium length. I never felt more comfortable with a stylist. She knows her stuff, she listens to you and gives you her full attention. She styled my hair in a way I never thought I could wear and it was fabulous!! Curly or straightened, it looks awesome, and feels so healthy. I got it colored and highlighted in tones I let her recommend, and it turned out wonderfully. I received a lot of compliments on it from my friends and family. I'm extremely happy and will be her client for life. :-D I'm very glad I found this site and her.

Reviewed on: 08.12.11

Stylist: Hala

After years of search of a stylist to give my natural curly hair the right haircut, I am so lucky and happy now to find Hala.. Hala is very very professional and she is the only one could give me the best haircut ever. I could wear my hair curly and look very stylish and I could leave it straight and look very beautiful and easy to manage. Well done Hala and I will never replace you even though I have to travel all the way to your salon. It worse the trip for the best haircut. I already recommended her to all my friends after they show their impression how I look great with my new haircut.

Reviewed on: 30.01.11

Stylist: Hala

I went to this salon because of reviews I read on this website. Hala is very nice but does not have experience with very kinky (4a/b) hair types. My hair was extremely dry and brittle when I left her salon.

Reviewed on: 24.03.09

Stylist: Hala

After horrible experiences throughout all my life, when I moved to Calgary I wanted to find a stylist who: 1.- Would understand my delicate curly hair, and 2.- would be willing to work with me while I grow out my relaxed hair without having to cut it short since my hair grows V E R Y S L O W L Y.... I was lucky enough to find Hala. She was able to match my old highlights to perfection and cut just enough, and now my hair is beautiful and healthier than ever!!!!

Reviewed on: 04.10.08

Stylist: Hala

I have kinky, dry, straw-like, overprocessed curly hair! Hala makes me look like a movie star by blow drying my hair straight, but with volume and shine. She is the BEST!

Reviewed on: 09.08.08

Stylist: Hala

OH MY GOD! The curl goddess herself! I couldn't BELIEVE I had found someone who cut my curly hair so perfectly, so effortlessly and so flawlessly, and styled it so incredibly well in half the time! She isn't scissor happy either! She won't cut off more than you ask her to. You MUST go to her, she is really high quality. I've tried everyone under the sun in Calgary I think.

Reviewed on: 10.04.08