265 Ponce de Leon Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30308, United States

Stylist: Asa

I absolutely loved the shampoo. I received a shampoo, steam hydration, trim, and silk press. My hair was great when I left the salon, by the time I made it home my curls were gone and several hours later my hair was poofy as if I had not been to the salon at all. I have had a blowout and press before that had my hair straight for 2 weeks. I don't know if I will return.

Reviewed on: 09.06.15

Stylist: Danny

I did my big chop back in May. Danny did a great job with my hair! I loved that he allowed my request of not flat ironing my hair but instead cutting and styling my hair while wet. Before he cut my hair, he made sure that I was ready to cut my hair. I loved the way he cut my arm pit length hair into a curly bob. It looks like Alicia Key's bob from last year. I also loved the way he styled my hair as a wash-n-go. The only complaint that I have is that I don't think my hair was cut to evenly in the front, but it didn't look to bad. Overall, it was a wonderful experience. This experience has helped me to embrace my curls! I plan on coming back.

Reviewed on: 24.09.13

Stylist: Anonymous

My stylist burned my hair!!! I cannot remember his name but he was also very rough with my hair and gave me an unnecessary trim. I will certainly NOT be going back to this place!!!

Reviewed on: 15.11.12

Stylist: Miranda

Once when my regular stylists wasn't available due to emergency, Too Groovy set me up to go to Miranda. I appreciated this because my hair still ended up being done and was still taken care of properly. She used the same pressing technique that Too Groovy is known for. I love their technique; however, I noticed my roots were not as straight or flat as my regular stylist does them that's why I gave her a 4. This may not be the case with everyone though. But I was mostly satisfied with the results. If you would like to read more about my experience about the salon itself, review my previous post I did about my regular stylist Enchantra, who has since moved to another salon.

Reviewed on: 22.01.11

Stylist: Matthew

Matthew did a great job on my hair! I got it flat ironed and got a trim as well. I thought the prices were a little high but it was worth it. I will come here again when it's time for a trim.

Reviewed on: 22.01.11

Stylist: Enchantra

I used to attend this salon at there Ponce and Lenox locations. My stylists was Enchantra and I fell in love with her instantly. I have never witnessed anyone doing natural-hair styles at the salon. Everyone uses the Too Groovy system of shampoo, steam hydration, blow dry and flat iron press. They do perform other services such as coloring and weaving. There is absolutely NO relaxer services in this salon. They don't even have relaxer products in the salon. This salon has an excellent client-friendly atmosphere. The only slight problem I have with Too Groovy is that they require you to put a credit/debit card on hold when you place your first appointment. They do this in case you miss an appointment without calling to cancel. And they WILL charge you if you do not cancel with in 24 hrs of your appt. Other than that I loved the salon, however my stylist moved to another salon and I HAD to follow her. =)

Reviewed on: 14.01.11

Stylist: Latrellis

Latrellis did a wonderful job straightening my 3C curls. I received a steam hydration treatment and trim on a snowy February morning. After the steam treatment, she straightened my hair with a blow dryer --> this was the first time that a stylist did NOT burn my scalp or pull too hard with the blow dryer. She gave me the Kim Kardashian style, and my hair did not frizz up during the week despite the snowflakes and rain. I will definitely see her again. The price is average in Atlanta --> $55 for flat iron, $20 for trim, and $20 for steam hydration.

Reviewed on: 31.12.10