3 Lexington Ave #3
East Brunswick , NJ 08816, United States

Stylist: Stacey

the WORST haircut I EVER received. The only this worse than the hair cut was the styling. It will be MONTHS before my hair will long enough to even be able to get a decent correction cut. When I then called the owner to discuss my unhappiness he told me I should wash it a few times and I might like it better! Why would I pay money to have my hair cut and styled to have to do so myself for it to look better. I will NEVER go back

Reviewed on: 08.08.08

Stylist: Kelly, Cheryl or Deanna

They use Deva for curl and are now learing a BRAZILIAN PERM- like the BRazilian straightener, it is temp but adds soft supple curl to the hair with no frizz. These stylists are super trained to cut the curliest locks and style them either curly or pin straight- they do BKT also!

Reviewed on: 15.08.07