Seattle, WA , United States

Mike Hardy


Stylist: Tina Juvonen

Another rave review for Tina at Spa Blix! I am so happy that I found her through the reviews on the site. :) I lucked out and was able to get in the same day I called. I went in with EXTREMELY dry, damaged, and broken off hair due to environmental conditions while living overseas. Tina was very empathetic but also gave me hope that with time we can get things turned around and my hair back in the condition it was a few months ago. That day I had a deep conditioning treatment and a trim. While I was sitting with the conditioner, she even went online to do some research on what my hair was exposed to. This was the first time I had someone cut my hair while it is dry. Makes sense! Finally, someone who "gets" curly hair and provides individualized service and care! I will be back to see her regularly!

Reviewed on: 22.05.10