8500 Shoal Creek Blvd.nSte 105, Bldg 4
Austin, TX 78757, United States

Stylist: Cindy Herrera

I wanted to love Cindy, but she cut my hair blunt and dry, leaving me with scraggly layers and a "tail." I have been trying to grow out my hair, but I went back to my stylist Anna in Waco to get it fixed and I've lost all my progress on growth, but at least the layers are back to being healthy and bouncy. Would not recommend.

Reviewed on: 13.01.16

Stylist: Cindy Herrera

I went to go and get my dead (and i mean really dead) relaxed ends off of my hair without getting it cut to short as I am transitioning. Cindy understood exactly what I wanted and cut my hair dry. My curls curl much nicer now and I can't wait for my hair to grow and go back to get some layers :)))

Reviewed on: 18.02.15

Stylist: Cindy Herrera

I really wanted to like Cindy.  She has so many good reviews on this website.  I went to her 4 times over the course of a year and everytime I left dissapointed. I don't think she listened to what I wanted, which means she is great for a certain type of hair, but not for mine. 

Reviewed on: 23.07.14

Stylist: Cindy Hererra

I have been on a search to find a curl expert. I am so lucky to have found Cindy. I been to many hairstylist that could either only cut my hair, but not style. Or they could only style my hair but not cut or color. Cindy truly understands curly hair, and on the plus side she does not cut too much or put an excessive heat on my hair. I would highly recommend Cindy to ALL curly hair men and women who had a horrible experience. Cindy knows her craft and she cares about and your hair. She is truly an amazing person.

Reviewed on: 24.04.12

Stylist: Cindy Hererra

Cindy is simply the best! While she is a bit costly, its a case of "you get what you pay for." I tried someone else out who also claimed to be a curly hair specialist and who was cheaper, but did not get anywhere near the level of service, professionalism and skill as I do with Cindy. I'll never stray again!

Reviewed on: 27.06.11

Stylist: Cindy Hererra

Cindy is excellent - her shop in the Gallery of Salons is warm, super clean, and friendly. She offered me a bottle of water when I arrived, and she sat me in her chair to discuss what I wanted from the cut. We had a lovely conversation while she trimmed and blew out my hair, and I am more than pleased with the results. My hair is naturally curly (loose corkscrews) and she did a terrific job cutting it into a shape that works well with my curls and the shape of my face. I'm thrilled that I no longer have to go to Ouidad in Dallas to get a good curly cut! She uses these wonderful-smelling products from Moroccan that I loved as well. Loved the Gallery of Salons concept too - each stylist her his or her own suite in which to cut, style, and color hair. It was peaceful and quiet. Loved the whole experience!

Reviewed on: 07.02.11

Stylist: Cindy Herrera @ YStylo

Having been a Ouidad customer for years, moving to Austin was a bit of a disappointment since there aren't any Ouidad-trained stylists here. I was all set to drive up to Plano just for the perfect haircut when I decided to give Cindy a try. I have to say, I like her cut BETTER than the Ouidad cuts I've had in the past. She gave me exactly what I wanted, was creative in working with the disaster in my hair (hadn't had a cut in a year and recently had to chop out a dred lock from the back--long story). Now I have a cute cut that looks fab on any day, whether I blow it straight, diffuse it curly, or just let it air dry in clips. Well done, Ms. Herrera. I'll definitely be back!

Reviewed on: 09.11.10

Stylist: Cindy Herrera

What a wonderful experience. I've been a life long $20 hair cut chick and my hair always looked like a $20 cut. The few times I did venture into a Salon I felt out of place and completely uncomfortable. Cindy's independent salon is private, cute and relaxing. Cindy took the time to help me understand how to manage my 3b curls and got me through the awkward stage from short to longer hair. My second cut is another transition bob with a stacked back. Again, Cindy took time to help me learn quick efficient styling techniques for days I want to go straight. I love the cut and even got compliments from several of the men at my office. Thanks Cindy!

Reviewed on: 24.09.10

Stylist: Cindy Herrera

I really appreciate that Cindy is a curly hair specialist as they can be hard to come by. I had my first visit with Cindy a few months ago and was surprised that she wore her hair straight, though her website says she cuts curly hair in a way that it can be worn straight or curly, so I shouldn't have been so surprised. She cut my hair wet and asked me several questions about how I like to wear my hair. I have very long hair, past my waist, and it is also thick. The questions about how I manage my hair was appreciated. I thought for the cut it was pricey, I paid $90.00 not including tip. I didn't think the cut was much different from other stylists to whom I visited for curly hair. Having said that, she was very friendly, patient, and very informative. I would say that is what I paid for, more than the cut. Also, another very bright spot of my visit was an introduction to Kevin Murphy's hair product line for curly hair. She used a little Easy.Rider mixed with Motion.Lotion, scrunched it in my hair and it produced great results!!! For a curly girl, product for my hair is necessary but the search has been brutal. I finally found a product to which I can be loyal. If you have long curly hair, I would definitely recommend the product line, regarding a curly haircut. I think I will go back to Cindy at least once more to see if she will be my new go-to stylist. I will need to consider whether the quality is worth the cost. If I move-on it will likely be due to cost. I would recommend Cindy for Austin curly girls and boys. She is professional, experienced and informed, key ingredients for curly hair.

Reviewed on: 16.01.10

Stylist: Cindy

Cindy knows her "stuff"! For the first time ever, even my mother loves my hair cut! And that is amazing in itself for my mom to say anything but "ewww who cut your hair??". Cindy is an awesome woman with a flair for turning funky curls into beautiful hair! Thank you Cindy!

Reviewed on: 27.09.09

Stylist: Cindy Herrera

She is good at curly hair advice and cuts. However, I didn't like the 3 gallons of gel she shellacked my hair with, and if you're on a budget, forget it. I think it cost me about $160 for a cut and color.

Reviewed on: 24.07.09

Stylist: Cindy Hererra

Cindy has been cutting my hair for almost one year and I really feel that I have finally found someone who knows how to cut curly hair. She is a phenomenal stylist. I am extremely picky about my hair (as many curly haired people are) and I feel so comfortable with Cindy. I never have to worry about how my hair will turn out after a cut as I did in the past. I ALWAYS love my hair now and never feel the need to adjust anything. I have had many people compliment my hairstyle; that's a first. And my hair is not the great curl...it's the loose, thick, coarse bushy curl. And Cindy still does a great job each and every time. Truly, I can't say enough about how great Cindy is. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am very conscious about my hair looking good and I was rarely satisfied with the style that I came home with. I have never felt that way with Cindy. I FINALLY FOUND MY HAIR STYLIST and recommend her highly. (P.S. She is also a great colorist.)

Reviewed on: 16.07.09

Stylist: Cindy Herrera

It is very difficult to find an artist of her level with the professionalism to match. She is extremely knowledgeable about products and trends. She is honest and genuinely cares about her clients. Thank you Cindy...you're the best!

Reviewed on: 28.12.08

Stylist: Cindy Herrera

O my goodness, Cindy is the best hairstylist I have ever been to. I have long, thick curly hair that is much straighter and finer in the front. In the past twenty years, I have never had a certain hairstyle; everyone told me I could only wear my hair long and straight across. She knew exactly how to cut my hair and gave it new volume and style. Cindy was so nice and very knowledgeable. She spent so much time answering all my questions and offering different tips. She did a wonderful job on my hair, I was so happy to finally have a hairstyle! I would recommend her to anyone with curly hair. She is truly gifted! If you live in Austin, you need to go see Cindy!

Reviewed on: 09.11.08

Stylist: Cindy Herrera

Cindy Herrera - Gallery of Salons in North Cross Mall Suite C-5 (512-350-4880. Cindy can make curly, bad, frizzy hair into wonderfully amazing curls. I have NEVER been so happy with my hair. She told me how to style it, and what products to use. I am extremely happy and will never go to anyone else ever again.

Reviewed on: 07.12.07

Stylist: Cindy Herrera

I have been going to Cindy for the last 8 years; I now even bring both of my kids to her. My daughter has the naturally curly hair, and my son, a thick head of hair. She is awesome; I get bored with my style often. She knows what I like and I love my cut every time. She has also shown me her professional techniques so I can look good all of the time! I have learned that just because you have curly, thick, hard to manage hair, you can still have a really cute style...

Reviewed on: 30.10.07

Stylist: Cindy Herrera

"I have to say that Cindy Herrera rocks! After so many years of having hairdressers who didn't get it, I finally found Cindy! Thanks Cindy. You've given my hair new meaning!"

Reviewed on: 03.09.07

Stylist: Cindy Herrera

I have to say that Cindy Herrera rocks! After so many years of having hairdressers who didn't get it, I finally found Cindy! Thanks Cindy. You've given my hair new meaning!

Reviewed on: 02.09.07

Stylist: Pam Moore

Pam is great! Great with curly hair, great with color, and great at cuts. She has cut my hair for over seven years and always does a great job!

Reviewed on: 30.08.07

Stylist: Cindy Herrera

I just had my hair done by Cindy and I'm pretty excited about how good my hair looks! My sisters even said they haven't seen my hair look this good in a while. I'm new to Austin and used this site to guide me to a good stylist and it works. I especially like how she showed me how to use products the right way and how to treat my curly hair. I would definitely recommend Cindy to any person who has curly hair and needs a great cut, color and style, who doesn't. You can also expect a really easy person to talk to and a warm, cozy environment to let your hair down. Patty

Reviewed on: 24.08.07

Stylist: Cindy Herrera

If you live in Austin and you have curly hair, you should be going to Cindy Herrera. That is all there is to it!

Reviewed on: 15.07.07

Stylist: Cindy Herrera

Cindy is absolutely amazing! I never knew just how good my curls could look. She spent a lot of time talking with me to make sure she understood exactly what I wanted, and then gave me what I wanted. She spent a lot of time educating me on exactly how to style my hair - and it is amazingly easy! She is the best curly-hair stylist I've met. Thanks Cindy!

Reviewed on: 27.05.07

Stylist: Cindy Herrera

Cindy is the only stylist I'll trust with my hair! She's naturally curly, too, so she really understands how to work with curls. I always leave happy!

Reviewed on: 13.03.07

Stylist: Cindy Herrera

Cindy is truly one of the best around for dealing with curly hair. I've been going to her for five years now and always receive compliments on my hair and questions as to who cuts it. She used to work at the Avant salon in Gateway but now works at Gallery of Salons at Northcross mall.

Reviewed on: 11.12.06

Stylist: Cindy Herrera

Cindy has cut my hair for about 10 years. She is WONDERFUL. I love that I can sit in th chair and she just knows what to do. I didn't hesitate to follow her to her new location at Galary of Salons in Northcross Mall.

Reviewed on: 06.12.06

Stylist: Cindy Herrera

I have been going to Cindy Herrera for 7 years. She is a truly gifted stylist of curly hair and is full of tips for keeping it tamed while bringing out it's natural beauty. She'll recommend products and show you how to use them. I have longish red curly hair, and Cindi keeps it complement worthy -- I turn into a cross between Carrot-top and the triangle girl in Dilbert in less gifted hands!!! Until recently, Cindy worked at Avant. She can now be contacted at cindyherreracuts@yahoo.com

Reviewed on: 21.09.06