15194 Woods Creek Road
Monroe, WA , United States

Stylist: Jody

I have been driving all the way to Seattle for years to get a good curly hair cut. After losing my curly-haired stylist who was excellent at curly hair, I've been searching fruitlessly for 2 years for another stylist. One crappy cut after another. However, I have recently received the best haircut I think I've ever had or comes rather close. If you don't mind cutting out the snobbery, attitude, and ridiculously high prices of some of the Seattle salons, see Jody. I'm proudly wearing my hair down after 2 years, and I am a very picky long haired corkscrew girl. Oh, and a good curly hair cut should never have even layers. Curly hair is not static. The cut should be flowing and go with each lock of curl...and that is what I got.

Reviewed on: 12.06.07

Stylist: Jodi

I don't understand the fuss. I made the trek to Monroe and found this small rundown strip mall location. I found Jodi and the owner to be pleasant. But Jodi seemed inexperienced, nervous, and took a very long time (over an hour) to cut my long healthy locks into a shelved uneven head of frizz, which would never improve and could not be hidden with a pull back for months. I'm glad that those of you who are true customers of Jodi got a great cut, but I strongly suggest that you look elsewhere until she gains some experience and understanding of curly hair!

Reviewed on: 07.11.06