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Stylist: Gina

I also read the review on Naturally Curly and decided to give it a try. Gina is amazing!!!!! I loved what she did with my hair and love that she gave it a different style. I definitely recommend her and will be going to her as my stylist from now on.

Reviewed on: 16.10.10

Stylist: Gina

I had really wanted a hair cut for a while now because my hair had terrible split ends, its was dry, frizzy, and hadn't been cut in over a year. (By the way I have 3c curls) I heard about Shag 86 from the review on naturally curly so I decided to check it out on the website. The people sounded nice, it didn't sound overly expensive, and it sounded like they knew how to cut curly hair. So I chose Shag 86 for my haircut! I thought it was really cool how they have you fill out a "Lifestyle Profile" on the website (and the salon too if not website) because they want to give you a haircut to match you and your personality. After I filled it out they called me and I also scheduled it with Gina. When I got there I loved the place. The atmosphere was really nice and they were very friendly. Gina's assistant asked if I wanted anything to drink: water, coffee, tea, I said no thank you but I loved that they asked. She washed my hair and made nice conversations. The only thing that made me unsure of was that she dried it with a towel...anyway I told Gina how I wanted it cut: short, corine baiey rae kind of look, and it would be nice if it could fit into a pony tail. she totally understood. Anyway, I loved Gina. She was so nice, I wasn't afraid to ask any questions about anything, she made nice little conversations, told me some things that might help with my hair, and more! I LOVE the hair cut, it looks great! I've never had a haircut that I loved. usually its too short or doesn't suit me. She knew that if you cut one inch too short of curly hair it can make a huge difference.(she also had curly hair but it was blown out) I TOTALLY recommend shag86 I will definitly be back!!!! p.s. naturally curly, the name is shag 86 not 46.

Reviewed on: 19.08.10

Stylist: Gina

Because I have such curly hair I am weary of who cuts it and I usually head into the city and get an amazing cut with a price tag of over $200. With times as they are, I had to find an alternative. Gina came highly recommended from perfect strangers. My mom always asks for me because she knows my pain! I was told Gina had hair similar to mine and she would do a great job. Well, I have to say the day she cut my hair I felt like I fell in love. I've never had 'my own hairdresser' like other women who are practically married to the same stylist for years, but after meeting Gina and having her cut me, I knew she was the one! The salon is BEAUTIFUL and they make you feel right at home. I practically rolled in for my appointment in my pj's but was treated just as well as all the other women in there dressed to the nines. Gina took her time to look at my curls. I was fortunate because she said her hair was very similar to mine when curly (she had it blown out that day). She gave me some great styling tips as well, different from Ouidad, which I wasn't really thrilled with when I tried them anyway. Gina asked me about what kind of lifestyle I have and I was able to tell her I love the natural, big, Afro Lenny Kravitz, kind of look. She gave me just what I asked for. I highly recommend her for other Hispanic women who have big, thick heads of curls and fall victim to the Christmas tree look. She knew just what I meant and gave me a GREAT cut. I was never one to get a haircut every few months. I would usually go once a year, but after having had a cut from Gina I am excited to go back every few months to keep my cut fresh.

Reviewed on: 25.02.10