805 West Avenue
Austin, TX 78701, United States

Robert Banyaga


Stylist: Janina Futral

Janina is the Curl Whisperer! I have never been to a deva salon and had longed to. Visiting Denver I took a chance on the salon based on reviews here. I had my first Deva cut. Don't be fooled by the absence of huge piles of hair at your feet. Janina took off as little as I asked but my hair is 110 times healthier. She then spent a HUGE amount of time showing how to wash and dry my hair properly, and how to apply the products. I had beeing doing everything wrong imaginable. You can tell as she walks you through the steps, that she truly loves and gets curly hair and she wants you to love your hair again. Which I do. Life-changingly so. My curls have never been softer, healthier or more gorgeous. Gone is triangle head! It's not all that complicated but it isn't intuitive either. We curly women should be taught how to do this when they teach us to tie shoes and write cursive. Janina was patient and clear and also got up early the next day to fix my color. I love my hair probably for the first time ever.

Reviewed on: 23.09.12

Stylist: Josey Geller

A fellow curly-haired friend directed me to naturallycurly.com when I decided I wanted to have a significant amount of my hair cut off. I used the salon directory and choose West End after reading a few reviews. Both my husband and myself saw Josey for our cuts. My husband has great hair and likes it short around the ears and neck with a shaggy top, but not so long it's in his eyes. It's not an unusual style but for some reason he always walks out with a crew cut then has me trim the back while he grows out the top. Anyway, Josey had no problem giving him the right cut, it came out looking great! When it was my turn, Josey looked at the photo I had brought in to give her an idea of the bob style I was interested in. She listened as I quickly ran through my experiences with salons and stylists. I explained my frustration in giving a stylist the opportunity to be creative only to walk away with slightly shorter hair and maybe some layers. Josey excitedly explained the process behind the Deva cut and got right to work. She was so confident that I didn't think twice about the fact that 10-12" pieces of hair were falling quickly to the floor. I liked that she explained the process and reasoning behind what she was doing. I also really appreciated that she asked me if I like to be able to touch my hair throughout the day and if I like the wet curl look. I explained I do like touchable curls and do not care for the wet curl appearance so she skipped the last step of the Deva style which encases the curl in product, making it hard. It has been about 8 weeks and I will be going back soon for upkeep. And that is the significant part to me. I haven't had a regular stylist in years after becoming so disheartened that I've just kept it long and trimmed it myself. Last time I had my long hair cut short I enjoyed the style for a little while but then wished for my long hair back soon after. This time I have no regrets and am excited to have found someone like Josey. If you like someone who will take charge and help you find your perfect look, you can trust Josey. But if you know exactly what you want and just need someone to follow your instructions, beware because Josey isn't afraid to disagree with you about your ideas. This was perfect for my husband and I and so we will be visiting her again : ) Also, the young man who works the front desk was great too! He offered and served me a glass of water (although I think he offered tea as well) and offered feedback as he saw the progression of my cut. All in all a wonderful experience!

Reviewed on: 18.06.12

Stylist: Josey Geller

Today was, by far, my worst experience in the chair, ever, and I will not be returning to the West End Salon in Boulder. Here's why: 1) I don't know what kind of cut this stylist gave me today, but it certainly wasn't a Deva cut. For that matter, it wasn't Ouidad, and it wasn't any type of layering I've ever seen and I have family in the industry. My cut is uneven, my curls were NOT taken into consideration, but yet I was still told that I was charged more than her usual fee because she "took longer than normal." 2) I explained to her that I was co-wash only because my hair tends to be on the dry side. She tells me, "Oh, good. You're my poster child." What does she use on my hair at the sink? Shampoo. She then asks me after the shampoo is on my scalp if it's ok for her to use shampoo. I tell her ONLY if it's sulfate-free, and she assures me that it is. However, two hours later, my scalp is on fire, so I'm guessing that's definitely not the case. 3) I'm then put under the dryer for my roots, but has me come back out to the chair while they're still damp. She ignores the fact that the bottom half of my hair is still completely wet, and then starts shaking out my whole head of hair. 4) For added fun, now that my hair is starting to work on flyaways and frizz, due to the fact that it has been vigorously jostled while still damp, Josey decides to pull out some pomade and rub it into my roots and then spray my head with hair spray. I don't know what kind of style or cut I was supposed to leave the salon with, but my hair has looked better after a long, sweaty round of cardio than it did when I left my appointment this afternoon. It's a bad sign when you leave the salon and the first thing you do is search your purse for a ponytail holder. All I have left to say from here for my fellow CGs is this: Caveat Emptor.

Reviewed on: 24.05.12

Stylist: Renee

Renee at West End Salon in Boulder, Colorado, is AMAZING. I have seen her now three times in a row -- and the last time I saw a stylist that consistently was back in grade school when my mom made me go to her stylist. During my first appointment with Renee, she treated me so nicely. She asked me about my hair concerns, listened intently to what I had to say, touched my curls to get a feel for them, and talked me through every single step of the DevaCut. Oh, yeah -- she's a certified Deva stylist! There's another stylist at West End who is Deva certified - this salon really respects curlies. My hair has never looked or felt better. I feel like I have an actual style now with a stylist who really knows my curls. RENEE ROCKS MY CURLY WORLD!!!

Reviewed on: 07.01.11

Stylist: Janina Futral

I have had two great Deva Curl cuts from Janina. She taught me how to care of my curls and once I had to go back for a small change and she fixed it, no problem, no charge. I literally have people stop me on the street and ask where I get my hair cut, the cut is that good! T. Lerose

Reviewed on: 07.02.10

Stylist: Rene

I recently moved to the area and was worried about finding someone as good as who I had before. Nailed it on the first try! I don't have the curliest hair - 2bc/ 3a, so if it's not cut just right I have to struggle to make my curls "pop". It has now been a few weeks since my cut with Rene, and my hair STILL looks better than it ever has! She does the Deva cut method, worked with the more stubborn sections and maximized every bit of curl I have. She even cut into some individual sections with my head flipped, which is something nobody's done and it made a big difference. I left surprised at how much curl I really do have! I look forward to being a long-time client of Rene's!

Reviewed on: 08.12.09

Stylist: Rene

I had my first DevaCurl cut yesterday at The West End Salon with Rene and I couldn't be happier! The experience was truly awesome. Rene made sure to ask me questions about my curly hair such as, what were my likes/dislikes about my hair and my routine. She explained what she was doing every step of the way. I am CG, but she showed me some techniques that I hadn't tried before and they worked! At the end, my curls actually looked like my own (only better), which as all curly-hairs know, is a small miracle at a salon. :) I will definitely be going back to Rene!

Reviewed on: 02.10.09