987 S Randall Rd
Geneva, IL 60134, United States

Stylist: Allyson

While Allyson was very nice, I left looking like a poodle. I have super thick 3b hair and the cut I got was choppy and not very flattering.

Reviewed on: 29.05.11

Stylist: Allyson

This is Allyson from Colourline Hair Studio. There have been some confusions regarding my abilities with culy hair.....I work well with wavy and curly caucasian hair. I work with Bumble and Bumble products. I am not familar with products other than these. I also am NOT Diva curl certified. I hope that my personal review will help anyone who is searching for a stylist. I want to always provide 100% for any of my guests and dont want to misslead anyone otherwise. Thank You- Allyson

Reviewed on: 17.05.11

Stylist: Levi

I usually see Allyson at Colour Line, but she was booked (I am such a procrastinator) and decided to see Levi. Let me just tell you, Levi is great! I loved my cut and style and, even better, he was a a bit easier on my wallet. I highly recommend Levi to you naturally curly girls and guys out there! This salon is wonderful!

Reviewed on: 20.04.11

Stylist: Allyson

Note from NaturallyCurly Admin: Please note that Allyson is an expert with type 2 & 3 curls only.

Reviewed on: 07.04.11

Stylist: Allyson

This is a follow-up review to my previous ones: I've been going to Allyson for the past (almost) 2 years, and I don't know what I would do without her. She always gives me a fabulous cut and style, and I've never loved my hair as much as I do now. The Bumble and bumble products the salon uses are excellent. I particularly like the tonic lotion. I use it while styling my wet hair if it gets a bit dry on the ends, and it's great for 2nd day (and sometimes 3rd day!) hair. Often I just spray the tonic all over and use the defrizz and I'm good to go. I highly recommend Allyson and her team at Colour Line.

Reviewed on: 01.02.11

Stylist: Allyson

An appointment with Allyson is a wonderful, collaborative experience. Through the entire appointment, we work together to achieve the best style for my curly/wavy hair. She explains styling techniques and the correct use of products. She sends you out of the salon with a 'cheat sheet' for achieving the style at home, as well as a list of products she used. Although the salon carries a specific product line, I never feel pressured to purchase. With everyone at Colour Line is friendly and welcoming, it adds to the experience! When I leave the salon, I always feel absolutely fabulous!

Reviewed on: 22.01.11

Stylist: Allyson

My 1st appointment with Allyson was Nov. 5, 2010. She is a great curly hair pro! I've been unhappy with my hair for decades, but not anymore. Allyson took time to discuss what I was unhappy with, what I'd like to look like, then told me everything she was doing while cutting & confirming it was okay. I am thrilled with the results! Allyson also showed me how to style my hair & dry it correctly. I left with the best hairstyle of my life, a couple of B&B products & another appointment in a few weeks. If you have curly hair, don't waste any more time -- make an appointment with Allyson. Everyone at Colour Line is friendly and welcoming. An all-around GREAT experience!

Reviewed on: 12.11.10

Stylist: Allyson

This was the BEST curly haircut I ever received! I would pay just to listen to Allyson talk about techniques, products, and styling suggestions. Allyson suggested the perfect cut and style according to my desires and problem areas. This was the first time ever leaving a salon after cut and dry without me running home with giant frizz head to wash and style my hair. I finally knew what having "just left the salon hair" felt like. I can't say enough great things about the stylist, Allyson. She quickly showed me how to do "workout" hair, professional up-do hair, and sexy out do. She wrote out the products she used and steps to achieve that look. I learned more than I ever have in my life about curly hair at this one appointment. I actually left feeling like I met a new great friend. It is a beautiful and fun salon with super nice people.

Reviewed on: 03.02.10

Stylist: Allyson

I absolutely love this salon! Allyson is by far one of the best stylists that I have ever had. Everyone at Colour Line is super nice, and the service is outstanding. I highly recommend this salon to anyone and everyone with curly hair

Reviewed on: 08.08.09

Stylist: Allyson

This salon is fantastic. They treat you like royalty and cut your natural curls like curls, not straight hair. Allyson is my stylist, and as she cut my hair, she told me everything she was doing. The salon uses Bumble and bumble products and everyone is incredibly professional. I have never liked my hair (I'm almost 25) until I went here.

Reviewed on: 18.03.09

Stylist: Allyson

I have never before seen signs in salons that actually advertise and promote curly hair. This salon uses Bumble and bumble products. Allyson, walked me through everything she did: the cut, the products, and the styling. She is wonderful. When you come for your appointment, they treat you like a real person, like they care about you, which they do. Before shampooing, Allyson led me to a changing room where I put on a thin, belted black robe to keep me warm while my hair was wet. After my appointment, Allyson gave me samples of what she used on my hair and did not pressure me to buy anything. I know selling products is part of their job, but she (and the other stylists as far as I can tell) is not pushy and respects who you are. I highly recommend this salon, especially Allyson. They will treat you like royalty and you will love your hair cut. I have never loved my hair as much as I do now.

Reviewed on: 01.02.09