6333 De Zavala Roadn # 100
San Antonio, TX 78249, United States

Stylist: Emily

I had thick long damaged curly hair. Emily was extremely friendly & made me fall in love with my hair! Shampooing & conditioning was so relaxing! I will definetly be going back. I loved it!!

Reviewed on: 09.02.13

Stylist: Susan

Decent experience. My hair cut is good. Nothing earth shattering, but then again I went for a level 3 stylist. Coming from a salon where I paid $20 (including tip!) for a great haircut from a super nice stylist, the prices were a shock. They have 5 levels of stylist, and I paid $62 for a trim from a level 3 stylist. Including tip, my bill was $74! Too much for a trim, in my opinion. Bottom line: nice salon, decent haircut, but you'll pay.

Reviewed on: 29.07.11

Stylist: David

This was the best salon experience I have had so far! The ambience of the salon was amazing. I felt welcome as soon as I walked in the door.I was offered cappuccino once I got seated. They have personal coats that I put on and lavender scented towels that they put in front of me as I got the most amazing shampoo/condition ever! The shampooist took her time and massaged my hair and she was very gentle. It felt so soothing. I loved it. Then when I got back to David's chair, he consulted me on what technique he would use. He took my hair, saw what he needed to do and got to work. He was so calm and knew what he was doing. He took his time and gently did my hair, and did not attack my hair with scissors. He did this carving type technique, where he would take a piece of my hair, twirl it and "carve" my hair with scissors, like he was creating a masterpiece. In the end, that's what he did. I love the look of my curls and the way they fall. I have transitioning 3c hair and he made the straighter hair blend in well with the curlier hair. OMG! I would recommend David and his salon to anyone looking for a truly peaceful and satisfying salon experience. And the price was reasonable. I would bring them to Guam if I could! Overall, I got what I needed: a great curly hair cut by a great stylist.

Reviewed on: 05.06.11

Stylist: David

If you have curly hair that needs some help, David is the best person to see. He is very skilled at both cut and color and you'll walk out looking like a million bucks! David stays current with the newest techniques and trends and trains his staff well. You will not be disappointed.

Reviewed on: 15.10.06