712 N Rush Street
Chicago, IL 60611, United States

Stylist: Rob R,

I have finally found someone in Chicago to cut my hair. Rob's cut has enhanced my look. I have thick corkscrew curls (think Rachel True, Scary Spice) and Rob worked easily with it. From the moment I sat in his chair, we were on the same page as to what should be done with my hair. I didn't have to stress to him that I wanted to keep my length and that my hair can really shrink. Rob cut my hair then diffused it slightly to see how it took shape as it dried. For my hair type this doesn't quite work because as it gets combed more it kinda takes an afro shape. So I, politely, told him that for me this wasn't going to work. It works best if my hair is rinsed after cutting, style products applied, and then hood dried/diffused. He was more than willing to accommodate my request. It really is a great cut. I have been touching my hair all day. This is only the 2nd time in my life that I have walked away from a cut being totally happy. The salon uses Keratase products which are expensive but are great for thirsty hair (my hair sucks up products like a sponge). Rob normally charges $90 for cuts. First time clients get 25% off. He is totally worth it. Like the other reviewer stated, he talks as much as you talk so your experience can be full of conversation or non at all -- and he has a great personality. Finally no more trips to NYC to get my hair cut.

Reviewed on: 11.06.08

Stylist: Rob

Every city I travel to I make sure to check Naturally Curly. com to figure out where to get my hair cut. Here in Chicago, I had held off on picking a place because not many of the salons had more than 2 reviews. I went to the Maxine Salon, just based on the 2 previous reviews. I was a little nervous, because this place looked very avant garde, not my usual salon atmosphere. I was pleasantly surprised by everything that happened upon my first appointment ith Rob. My hair is a 3b and was quite long and had gone into the dreaded triangle shape. Rob listened when I said I wanted it shorter, to move, and have a better shape. He cut it wet, which I usually dread, but it worked out fine great! He gave me a fantastic curly bob with a nice round shape. He diffused it so we could check the shape, styled it while dry and then went back in to do a little contouring. I absolutely love this cut and have receieved so many compliments! I would highly recommend Rob to anyone in the Chicago area who has curly hair. The best part about him is that he wasn't too much of a chatty Kathy and he didn't push a whole line of products on me. I also returned 2 weeks later and had a blowout. It was the fastest blowout I've ever had. It only took an hour and looked fabulous! Everytime I've called the salon to get an appointment I have been able to get right in. Another plus to this place.

Reviewed on: 22.04.08

Stylist: Rob

This guy TOTALLY "gets" curly hair and what to do with it. (Mine is tight 3/4 inch curls all over, with frizz at the hairline) We talked a few minutes and then in a few minutes flat he took my wildly overgrown mop and shaped it somehow without making it much shorter. He didn't make me feel bad about hacking at it myself, but the flat spots, holes and weird places were just magically gone. And yes, mine was a wet cut, too, which I guess is a no-no with curly hair but with this stylist it WORKS. It was cool, he mentions the really big names he has worked with in an "in context" way that isn't name dropping but just part of the conversation. Nice guy, great cut. Patrick did my color, and it is beautiful, highlights blended with my grey/blonde/brown so that it has life and interest but not a dramatic change. We're not going to talk about the young woman who blow dried it, that didn't work out well at all, and if it had been scheduled differently Rob would have done that part, too. But other than that little snafu which a very customer service oriented manager took care of (thank you Traci)this was a total success. A little pricey, but definitely worth it!

Reviewed on: 04.01.08

Stylist: Rob Reyes

Completely awesome experience. Rob is amazing--he almost works like Edward Scissorhands! His cutting technique is very rapid-fire, and he really works through every section of the hair, from every angle. I felt like the cut was completely customized for me, and I absolutely LOVE the way it looks. For those of you who are CG devotees, you may not like his method. He cut me wet first (which I really like), then diffuse-dried and styled, then did a significant amount of dry shaping. The result was a somewhat wild, full head of light, bouncy curls with a very blended and face framing shape. I am a convert and will DEFINITELY be going back.

Reviewed on: 28.09.07