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Stylist: Paulette

I secretly call Paulette my Curl Gestapo-ette! Every time I bound into the salon to see her, I feel safe, at ease and confident that she'll know how to wield her tools and make my curls bend to her will! I typically walk in in a tizzy about a bad hair day or style day and she "talks me down" with her no-nonsense, practical way that reminds me I can carry out this curly girl style with grace! She is one confident, caring, perfection-seeking stylist and I am so happy to call her mine! I found Paulette a year ago when I was in a curly girl rut and in 12 short months she has transformed my hair into long, beautiful, eye catching curls, given me the confidence to experiment with products and styles, and helped me accept my sassy locks instead of fighting them! Paulette loves a challenge so she is a perfect match for my hair! She listens carefully to what I want and what I don't, and together we come up with a plan! And the plan is working because I am constantly getting compliments about my curls. "My secret weapon?" they ask. "Paulette," I say! I've never been so proud to be a curly girl!

Reviewed on: 17.01.11