123 2nd Ave. SEn# A
Decatur, AL 35601, United States



Stylist: Meghan Sherrill

I wear my hair natural, and I love the fact that she uses Aveda products on my hair. They have a line of natural hair care products. I admire the way that she takes her time and gives her best when she does my hair. Although natural hair isn't something she does a lot of, she does a GREAT job on mine! I just heard of her by recommendation of one of her clients, but i didnt tell her that i wear my hair natural. When i got there, she handled her business, if you know what I mean, LOL!! To me, there is a difference between a stylist and a cosmotologist. A stylist does just that, they "style." A cosmotologist does that also, but more importantly, they care for the actual healthiness of the hair and maintaining balance and "SHINE"(the name of the salon) from root to end. Some hair dressers need a title change, but I know one that doesn't..... and her name is Meghan Sherrill, she is a cosmotologist at heart !! The only person I allow to touch my hair is ME! So taking this step of allowing someone else to touch my hair after all these years, and then she did a GREAT job, just tickles me to LIFE!! I finally got a cosmotologist!! Thank You Jesus!!!!

Reviewed on: 31.12.10