441 Old Trolley Road
Summerville, SC SC, United States

MIchelle Giambalvo


Stylist: Vanessa Hill

Vanessa, having curly hair herself, is a pro at figuring out what my curly hair needs!  She did a great job cutting and highlighting my hair!

Reviewed on: 01.03.17

Stylist: Kris Hammmond

This gal knows curls! She keeps record of what she does each time for future adjustment, if any! I call her the Hair Whisperer! Kris owns the shop and is welcoming, upbeat and a delight to work with! You will not be disappointed!

Reviewed on: 02.01.11

Stylist: Kris Hammmond

I call her the Hair Whisperer because she is that awesome. My 2-3b curls have never been happier and she keeps notes so she can redo or alter as needed. Kris is the owner so she is staying right there. Prices are great and her personality is upbeat and responsive to her customers.

Reviewed on: 31.12.10