8921 South Sepulveda Blvd, Suite 116
Los Angeles, CA 90045, United States
winnie no poo

Stylist: Madelyn

Pretty average salon. They work on several people simultaneously and as a result, you end up sitting there and waiting while your hair is half done. If you've got time to kill, that's ok but if you want to get just in and out, that can be annoying. Stylists are very nice. Salon itself is a bit on the run down side. Good prices but just an average hair cut.

Reviewed on: 18.08.12

Stylist: Madelyn

What a great little beauty salon. It has free parking in the back and the staff is friendly and professional. I went to the salon at the suggestion of my twitter friend Sherri who has been going to Madelyn for years. She was on time, personable and knowledgeable about my curly natural hair and the issues that a woman with tight spiral curls has! I haven't had a haircut in almost two years after my last disastrous hair chop. But she cut off all of the dry dead ends and left me with a great shape. My curls are pretty spirals and super soft after the deep conditioner she gave me. She styled my hair and it looks so cute. I plan to go back for a regular trim about every six weeks to keep my hair healthy and in shape. If your looking for a stylist who is great with natural curls Madelyn is the woman you need to call!

Reviewed on: 22.01.11