117 S. 19th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103, United States

Stylist: Robyn Berger

*Please note this review covers the entire Toppers Spa and Salon experience* Toppers is fairly easy to get to. There is plenty of on the street parking but I would strongly suggest you take public transportation because the cost to park is kinda high. The staff at Toppers I found to be friendly but not necessarily helpful. When I checked in for my appointment, the receptionist just told me to have a seat and wait for Robyn. The only problem there is no clearly defined waiting room and the salon is divided into two areas. I finally had to track someone down to find Robyn, who is set up in the back of the salon. Robyn was amazing! She's very helpful and she gave me some great tips for taking care of my hair. She gave me recommendations on how often I should cut my hair and brush out my curls to get the tangles out. Her process is pretty simple: first your hair is shampoo'd, conditioned, and brushed out by a member of the Toppers staff. Then Robyn goes through and gently combs out the tangles. Then she cuts your hair wet (which that made me extremely nervous because I've heard that's a big NO-NO with curly hair). She put product in and put me under the dryer. After that, she went back in an further fine-tuned the cut. Be warned, your hair isn't going to look A-Mazing when you leave. Robyn warned me of that fact. Cut to two days later, my. hair. looks. AMAZING. The cut was perfect and my hair has a great shape. I took her advice about how often I brush my curls. I don't think I've had a bad hair day yet. I love the cut and my curls have never looked better. Bring cash to tip Robyn. I didn't realize until after the fact that I couldn't leave a tip electronically after running my credit card. I had to use their ATM which can be a little stubborn.

Reviewed on: 08.03.13

Stylist: Robyn Berger

After my search for a curly hair cutter for 5 years, I finally found my stylist--Robyn. She's so friendly and fun to talk to as well, plus has her own head of gorgeous red curls (I don't know about you, but I appreciate it when my hair cutter is proud of their own curls :) ) ! Try Robyn, she's a great stylist and all-sround person. (I hear she's awesome at coloring and known for her up-do's as well)

Reviewed on: 18.01.12

Stylist: Robyn Berger

Robyn Berger is AMAZING! :) A curly haired guru, precision cutter, skilled colorist, and master of up-do's. She's easy to talk to, friendly, a good listener, and consistent. 100% guaranteed you're happy every time!

Reviewed on: 25.11.11