6211 W. Northwest Highway C259nSuite C-259
Dallas, TX , TX 75225, United States
Roberta Rabin

Stylist: Christopher

Being a 24 year old, aspiring male actor, I have found it difficult to find someone that I feel comfortable cutting my hair. I have been in and out of numerous places, claiming to know how to cut curly hair, and each time left utterly disappointed. Christopher Bishop is a true professional and would highly recommend him to anyone with curly hair.

Reviewed on: 21.03.13

Stylist: Anonymous

He knew how to cut curly hair and if you didn't think he cut enough off, he gives you seven days to go back free of charge I wanted about four inches off and he knew to cut about half that or else my hair would be way to short and it would look horrible!! He recommended this place to me and it was great!!

Reviewed on: 13.10.12

Stylist: Christopher

I found Christopher on this site and decided to try him because I had never had my hair cut by someone who really knows how to cut curly hair. He did a fabulous job! He is super nice and a great conversationalist. I just told him that I wanted a style that looks good with curly hair, and he knew exactly what to do. He cut off all the gross split ends but kept my length. He gave me soft layers that don't look choppy but also don't make my hair a big triangle. I have what I call "big Texas hair," and Christopher knew how to handle it. It's been a week or so since my cut, and I still love it. It looks great! It cost $50, which I thought was definitely worth it.

Reviewed on: 29.06.12

Stylist: Christopher

This was, by far, the best hair experience I've had in Dallas. I have curly hair (3A/B) and I've tried 3 or 4 different salons, with disastrous or "ok" results. Christopher was referenced on the Jessicurl website, a natural curl product that I love! Not only is his salon comfortable and nice, but he loves and understands curly hair (and the curly girl method), as well as being honest about how the color and cut I currently had go with my face and style. I absolutely LOVE the way he handled my hair, respected my wishes and gave me a cut that FIXED previous haircuts as well as being extremely flattering to my face (the "gypsy" cut)! I can't stop looking in the mirror!! The best part- he's very cost-effective!! He just gained a life-long customer! Definitely worth a trip to check him out!!

Reviewed on: 19.11.10