1555 Stratford Ave S 500
Salt Lake City, UT 84106, United States
Stepha Locke

Stylist: Emorie

The stylists at this salon were sweet and friendly, but my actual cut was such a disappointment. I have consistent 3A curls but my hair does not do well with Deva-style cuts, cut in the curl pattern, "curl by curl", etc. My curls are not consistent from one day to the next, so hair cuts done this way look super bad on following days on me, or even later the same day as my curls relax or change. At the same time, I have had all the usual horror stories of hair cuts done by stylists who don't understand curly hair (bad layers, "let's thin out this bulk", etc).

I specifically told my stylist here that I did not want a Deva-style cut because it does not work for me, but she went ahead and cut my hair like that anyway. It turned out so badly, as it always does. I tried asking to have it asked the next day, but ended up getting the brush-off.

I think these are friendly, sweet stylists who are only willing to do one kind of cut, but not to listen to clients.

Reviewed on: 28.06.17

Stylist: Rachel

Rachel and Emorie are lifesavers and curl savers! I had styled my long hair straight for years and was tired of the work and time it took but my natural curls were frizzy and dry and lacking style. These ladies fixed all of that for me they took the time to teach me how to properly care for my curls and now I absolutely LOVE

Reviewed on: 20.06.15

Stylist: Rachel

Rachel provides excellent service for those with curly hair! Thanks to her, I have a better understanding of how to manage and care for my curls. I have gone to her a few times for trims and I am impressed each time. She also did a great job coloring my hair to create the highlight/"melt" look that I wanted. 

Reviewed on: 08.01.15

Stylist: Rachel

I met a woman from Minnesota and when she saw my curls and found out that I was living in Salt Lake she said "you need to go to see the curl whisperer!" She told me that whenever she goes to Utah to visit her sister, she makes an appointment.  I was impressed, so I googled "curl whisperer salt lake" and found Rachel.  I'm so glad to have a hair stylist that is a curly hair expert, that understands my curls, respects them and doesn't try to straighten my hair every time I get it cut or colored.  I've learned a lot by going to Rachel and my curls are definitely benefiting. I also love the new products and tools that I've been introduced to, they make a huge difference.  Now I tell every curly girl I see about "The Curl Whisperer."   

Reviewed on: 31.07.14

Stylist: Rachel

Rachel is a true curly girls best friend! I discovered her over a year ago and not only do my curls and color look better and better but she continues to teach me new styling tricks and introduces me to new products I love! I continue to recommend her to friends, coworkers and complete strangers with wavy to ringlets like mine. Love her!! She also trims my sons very straight perfectly! Highly recommend!!!!!

Reviewed on: 14.06.14

Stylist: Rachel

Rachel is a goddess! I walked into her salon very frustrated with my hair and left with a huge smile. Before seeing her I never knew what my hair really looked like. She showed me some amazing products but didn't pressure to buy, which I also appreciated. After trying the new techniques she showed me I had some trouble and she was awesome enough to text and email me to help me out. I highly recommend seeing her. She's great at what she does and a delight to visit.

Reviewed on: 02.10.12

Stylist: Rachel

Rachel is absolutely amazing!!! She has taught me so much about my curly and completely changed how I manage my curly mane. She takes her time with you and helps you understand how to make your hair amazing! She is worth every penny, and I don't know what my curly hair would have done without her!!

Reviewed on: 26.08.12

Stylist: Rachel

Rachel helped me understand how to tame my thick curly hair. I was in awe with what she did for my hair. She is awesome and really knows curly hair. I love that she always has new recommendations for me when I see her. Would recommend her to everyone.

Reviewed on: 22.12.11

Stylist: Rachel

My first appointment with Rachel was a life changing experience...my curls have completely changed for the better. I HIGHLY recommend Rachel to anyone and everyone I can...curly hair or not. She is up on the latest and greatest products for curly hair and always has great suggestions and new things to try. I also have to mention that she is GREAT with color...I am a redhead and she makes my color look awesome every time!

Reviewed on: 20.12.11

Stylist: Rachel

I loved getting my hair done by Rachel! She is so friendly and fun! I feel very comfortable at her saloon. The results were everything I expected and more! I am so grateful to have found Rachel! She is such an expert when it comes to curls! My hair has never looked better!

Reviewed on: 04.10.11