12630 Lamplighter Square
St. Louis, MO 63128, United States

Stylist: Laura

At last we have a legtimate "curly girl" stylist in the South County area. She is extremely knowledgeable of curly hair and the Deva product. LOVED my cut and her knowledge of the proper use of the Deva product.

Reviewed on: 11.10.13

Stylist: Laura

*Though she's a Deva stylist, she gives good non-Deva cuts (my request, personal preference). *I appreciate the non-push of Deva products, though they're quality & a delicious scent. *I'm guessing (hoping) pricing is competitive. *I'm glad I found her at Blu & then glad she found me when we lost touch after she moved to Antebellum.

Reviewed on: 28.09.13

Stylist: Laura

Laura was extremely helpful. She took the time to not only give me an amazing haircut but to teach me how to style my curls. I have NEVER loved my hair and Laura showed me that my curls are BEAUTIFUL! I will definitely be returning to Salon Antebellum!!

Reviewed on: 18.09.13