2812 Main Street
Vancouver,  V5T 3G2, United States

Stylist: Alica Rollins

I signed up for this website just to leave a review for Alicia. She is awesome. I was looking for a new person to cut my hair after I moved here from Toronto. My friend went here a few months ago, and her curly hair looked awesome...so, I decided to try getting my hair cut by Alicia. I have never gotten a better hair cut in my life. I've gotten acceptable trims before from salons, and I've gotten the dreaded triangle... or, "shelves" (when you have three layers that are all the same length) ect... Therefore, "relaxed, and happy" are rare emotions at salons for me. I told Alicia that I wanted something "different," and she ACTUALLY gave that to me. I've told this to basically every person who has ever cut my hair...and, they either made it look terrible, or the same but shorter. However, now my hair looks really funky and different... and, for the first time in my life, it's not bad-different! Alicia gave me the best hair cut of my life. I trusted her (also a rare emotion to feel in a salon!), and I could reproduce the same style she gave me at the salon at home (she asked me tons of questions about how much effort I was interested in putting into my hair)....and, WOW. Additionally, her prices are really reasonable. I can afford to go back to her in six months!!! Furthermore, she's also really friendly and easy to talk to. I basically can't say enough good things about her.

Reviewed on: 05.01.13

Stylist: Alicia Rollins

Alicia did a great job with my thick, curly hair. I left the salon very happy, with well defined curls, no frizz, and a good overall shape. I would definitely recommend her to anyone else looking for a stylist who understands curly hair.

Reviewed on: 04.06.09

Stylist: Alica Rollins

I was very nervous about going to a new stylist after my stylist of many years, Kimmie, moved to Victoria. Kimmie recommended Alica after working with her at Rain, as she had adopted some of her cutting techniques for curls. Alica had moved on to Pomp & Proper so off I went, fingers crossed. I was happy to see that Alica had the same type of wavy hair I had...meaning she knows what I'm dealing with. I brought pictures of how my hair looks right after it's cut, and it was fabulous! She got the texturing exactly right. She also did a great job with using product afterwards, getting my curls to really come out. I'm trilled I have a regular stylist again.

Reviewed on: 10.04.09