220 N 9th St
Boise, ID 83702, United States



Stylist: Jenifer Canning

Tanzanite Salon has been renamed to Tonic Hair & Skin Bar!  They have moved locations (just 1 block down the street), but have the same phone number.  Check out their website for updated information:  www.TonicHairAndSkinBar.com or Jenifer Canning's Facebook page:  Calling All Curls Idaho  :)

Reviewed on: 09.08.14

Stylist: Jenifer Canning

After 35 years of struggling with my incredibly thick, coarse, curly hair I have finally found a stylist who understands my hair! My experience at the salon and with Jen was wonderful and I walked away actually liking my hair. Thank you so much Jen! I will definitely be back:)

Reviewed on: 22.05.14


Josiezee, I'm so very sorry you were unhappy with your haircut! I had no idea. I always guarantee my services and would love the opportunity to make it right with you. I am not a DevaCurl stylist (creator of the Curly Girl book). However, I do like their tips and techniques regarding how to manage curls. I also have discovered many of my own throughout my 10 year career and have used other great curly haired resources as well. With certain clients I feel comfortable cutting curly hair wet and sometimes dry...and sometimes even both! I would welcome you back to the salon anytime for another opportunity to cut and style your hair. Again, I truly apologize.

Reviewed on: 15.04.14

Stylist: Jenifer Canning

I was so disappointed. Jenn has such great reviews and is so nice, but I thought I would be getting a CG dry haircut. Jenn washed my hair with shampoo and dried it with a terry cloth towel. She then gave me a "straight" haircut on wet hair. We had been talking about my CG routine and she was telling me I was doing everything right, so I don't understand why I didn't get a CG cut. I will keep looking for a CG stylist in the Boise area.

Reviewed on: 05.04.14

Stylist: Jenifer Canning

This was one of the most pleasurable and successful cuts I have ever had. When I first walked into the salon I felt welcome and at home. Jenifer saw me almost immediately, and understood exactly what I was looking for. The cut itself was fantastic, my curls have never looked better and styling has been a breeze. I will be making a point to visit again when I am next in Idaho, as I don't have anything like the quality of stylist anywhere near where I live.

Reviewed on: 27.04.13

Stylist: Jenifer Canning

I've been going to Jen for 3 years now. Jen also has naturally curly hair and she know's how to cut it. She has introduced me to some great products that define my curls, and to co-washing which made a big improvement in my hair health. If you have long curly or short curly, your in good hands with Jen.

Reviewed on: 19.04.12