312 E Johnson Hwy
Norristown, PA 19401, United States



Stylist: Lori Cinaglia

"Disappointed" doesn't even begin to describe my experience here. I had high expectations that my curls would look fabulous after a proper Deva cut, but I also wasn't expecting to leave looking like a hot, frizzy, sticky mess. Thankfully, the cut itself was fine (although I have been assured by friends who have had proper Deva cuts in the past that what I received was NOT a deva cut). Had my hair been properly styled, I probably would have walked out a happy customer. I'm sure their stylist took the Deva course (otherwise she wouldn't have been listed on the DevaCurl website), but it's clear that she had no clue how to handle mine. First of all, she practically rushed me right to the sink to have my hair washed after she sat me down for barely 5 minutes to run her fingers through my hair and ask me how I wanted it cut. She didn't take the time to examine my curl pattern or hair properties to really understand how to properly handle it. During the wash, she didn't volunteer any information as to what she was using on my hair or how she was washing and applying product. I had to ask questions if I wanted to get any sort of info. She then rushed me to the hood dryer and sat me down in it for about 20 mins. When she came back, I told her that my hair wasn't dry yet, but she said, "oh it's ok if it's still a little damp". She then proceeded to cut my hair, all the while running her fingers through my hair endlessly and raking out whatever frizz-free curls were attempting to form themselves. My hair was a matted, frizzy mess after a few minutes. She then started to spritz it with water from time to time in an attempt to keep the frizz at bay, and kept slathering on pomade. After the cut was finished, she offered to rinse my hair again because "I touched it so much it caused a little frizz". She ended up shampooing and conditioning it all over again and half-heartedly scrunched in some unknown product to it. She then proceeded to dry it with a terry-cloth towel. One of the 10 commandments of curl care is to NEVER use a terry-cloth towel in your hair. You should use something with a completely flat surface to gently scrunch your curls because the raised fibers in towels disturb the cuticle and cause frizz. All the girls I know that have had Deva cuts have had it scrunched with paper towels. I was in complete shock. Had I been braver, I would have complained at the salon, but alas I just put on a smile, payed them and left, vowing to never go back. Bottom line: If you have curly hair and are looking for a quality Deva cut, I suggest you go elsewhere.

Reviewed on: 13.02.13