3251 7th st
Whitehall, PA 18052, United States

Stylist: Tricia

I had been researching the Deva Curl method for quite some time and was very intrigued, yet somewhat skeptical. While at work one day (I work in a doctor's office) I complimented a patient on her beautiful curls and asked her about the products she uses. The second she said Deva Curl I was all ears. She told me all about Meera Salon and her stylist Tricia. Needless to say I called and made an appointment the next day. I have never been so thankful for a chance encounter in my life. Tricia walked me through the Deva process step by step making sure i understood all of the how's, why's, and when's. Not only did I leave with beautiful hair, but I now have the knowledge to reproduce the look myself. A+++ for talent, compassion, and SHEAR good work!

Reviewed on: 07.09.12

Stylist: Tricia

I will never go to anybody else for a haircut besides Tricia. She knows her curly hair!

Reviewed on: 10.02.12

Stylist: Tricia

Tricia is a Deva curl stylist who is formerly from Salon Bliss, also in Whitehall, Pa. She knows her stuff and is excellent at making a curly girl look and feel beautiful.

Reviewed on: 08.02.12