54 Queensberry Street
Boston, MA 02215, United States



Stylist: Terri

Hey folks - I had a really good experience at this salon. I recently moved to the area and was searching for a salon when a friend of mine referred me to Kekei Salon. I was excited to find out that they specialized in curly hair! I booked my haircut appointment on their website (which is really easy to use) and had an appointment with Terri (sp?). She was awesome - she took the time to understand my needs, analyzed my curls, and gave me helpful tips throughout the process. They have several curly hair product lines, but Terri used the devacurl products, which made my hair really soft and smelled amazing. What really impressed me about Terri (and the reason for this review) was that I blow dried my hair straight a week later and realized that the cut was perfect - most curly cuts I have gotten in the past sometimes didn't look right when my hair straightened (or vice versa). Goes to show that she really knew what she was doing. Found an awesome salon - plan on going back soon to pick up some devacurl products!

Reviewed on: 22.07.12