26 Elliot St
Newton, MA 02461, United States

Stylist: Sarah Mastandrea

I've had several haircuts from Sarah now, and every single time she cuts my hair, I get compliments on how great it looks. Because my hair is short, I've **VERY** picky about whom I will let cut it, and have had a number of cringe-worthy haircuts in my life. I'm SO glad I found Sarah because she is consistently fabulous! It makes an enormous difference that she cuts my hair dry, and we have a great time talking about Deva products (with which I am obsessed). My partner says that I'm part of a curly-girl cult, since I'll talk curls with literally anyone. (But aren't we all if we're on this website?!) Even if her hair isn't curly, Sarah is part of the club! I want to note also that there are number of reviews of Sarah under the Ten X / Blue Sugar Salon in Canton, MA. She recently moved to Fabu, but all the great things about her that others have written still apply!

Reviewed on: 12.10.12

Stylist: Sarah Mastandrea

This was the first time I ever had my curly hair cut dry. I've read about it online and I've heard that this is the "correct" way to cut curly hair, but every stylist I've ever had has cut it wet. I was so sick having longer hair in the back than in the front and I was tired of never getting highlights to come out the way I wanted. My hair was pretty fried from all of the coloring I've had done, so I really needed a good cut to get things back on track. Sarah was fantastic, she called me before I came for my first appointment to talk to me a little bit about what I wanted which was really nice since I found her through this web site (www.naturallycurly.com) and had never actually met her before. She also took plenty of time at the salon when I arrived to discuss what I wanted and how she planned to cut my hair to make sure we were both on the same page before starting. She talked to me about hair products and made some suggestions that I willingly took. I booked my next appointment before leaving the salon because I know she books up quickly and I definitely plan to go back! I absolutely love how my hair came out. It looks so much healthier and although I've only been using them for three days, I love the products she recommended. My hair is softer to the touch and even looks softer. My highlights match my complexion much better than my previous highlights and all of the knots I kept getting before are gone. Today is the first day my coworkers have seen me since my haircut and I can't even tell you how many compliments I've received. I'm excited to see how it looks as it gets longer and I'm excited to go back and try new, fun things with my color. Thank you, Sarah!!

Reviewed on: 09.10.12