1431 Ocean Avenue Ste. B
Santa Monica, CA 90401, United States
Ashley WIlliams

Stylist: Antonio Berducci

Loved my Cut and Color / his tips are always the best and doing my hair with him is more like a treat for me.... have been seeing him for years and will continue for years to come...

Reviewed on: 02.02.14

Stylist: Antonio Berducci

I had a terrific experience with Antonio. I chose the Deva Cut because I liked the after photos on various websites better than the Oiudad cut, which looks too wispy and thin for my liking. I had planned to go to Devachan, but switched to Antonio when I saw the reviews on yelp. He was great, super nice and clearly knew what he was doing with the cut. Within a few minutes, in the chair, even before washing and styling, I knew I was going to look great. I like that the cut gave me shape and lift at the top without thinning our the curl at the bottom. I have now washed and styled on my own twice, and I am able to reproduce his results, so felt ready to write this review. I have never left a salon loving my style before. My curls are bigger and less frizzy and cascade subtly, framing my face so nicely. He also fixed my color so that the ends aren't so much darker than the roots, something I have been trying to get my fancy Aveda salon to do for months and months (I guess he is even a colorist at the NY Devachan salon). As I sat drying, I saw the woman ahead of me with 4b type coils walk out looking fantastic, too. I already booked my next appointment.

Reviewed on: 04.10.13