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Stylist: Cecelia

Cecelia took care of my hair since I was 12, I had a very short relaxed hair, that was so damaged. She placed in extension braids in and out for 3 years. My hair outgrew the relaxer and it it was down to armpit length. She did a great job taking care of it, my hair was a wreck and it was saved because of her. She knows how to take care of ethnic hair!

Reviewed on: 15.05.14

Stylist: Cecelia

Cecelia Dossen is the owner of the Plush Stylz Beauty Salon My hair was damaged from over chemical processed hair. She protective styled it and grew out the relaxer and she took care of it for 3 years. My hair grew! From nearly ear length to arm pit length of thick and healthy hair! She did a wonder and she's very careful with heat.

Reviewed on: 27.12.13