1768 Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA , United States

Jessica Goldstein


Stylist: Dana Kaplan (formerly Of M Salon)

Just had the best cut in a long time.  Dana knows what to do or not do with curly hair and takes the time it needs to give you the best cut.  He's also super nice and everyone in the salon is very friendly.  Curly hair in Cambridge area go there!

Reviewed on: 17.07.15

Stylist: Dana Kaplan (formerly Of M Salon)

Dana was incredible!!  I was terrified but wanted a change...a pretty big one at that.  He immediately made me feel comfortable with the way he was talking about my hair, what parts would be difficult to cut etc.  He's an incredibly thoughtful stylist who doesn't rush.  And he is a master of curls!

He even gave me tips on different ways to wear it short and play with the curls.  Also gave tips on how to keep it up inexpensively (I've never experienced this... a stylist not pushing products... I was floored).  

I'm so grateful, what a great experience!

Reviewed on: 14.11.14

Stylist: Dana Kaplan (formerly Of M Salon)

Dana is a true professional and a master of curls. I've been trusting him with my thick, curly hair for nearly ten years and continue to do so even after moving out of the Boston area.  I've been to other so-called "curly hair specialists" but have never had cuts as good as those from Dana.  Hair Connection is also a charming, friendly, unpretentious salon. Both Peter, the salon owner, and Dana are accommodating and take great care of their customers.  If you're looking for someone to trust with your curly hair, I highly recommend Dana.

Reviewed on: 04.09.14

Stylist: Dana Kaplan (formerly Of M Salon)

If you have wavy/curly hair that can be difficult to manage, Dana is the guy you want to see. I have been going to Dana for a year and I have never been happier with my hair. Prior to going to Dana, I had to get Keratin Hair Treatments every three months to straighten my hair so that it was manageable. Dana is able to cut my hair so that I don't need the treatments saving me the time, money and exposure to chemicals. He also colors my hair and I am very happy with that. The salon is a friendly and welcoming; everyone goes out of their way to make you feel comfortable.

Reviewed on: 22.08.14

Stylist: Dana Kaplan (formerly Of M Salon)

Just moved here and went to this stylist based on the reviews. Really seemed to know what he was talking about so I took his advice. The worst haircut ever but did not know until it fully dried since he did not style it. Still got charged the wash, cut, style price though. He cut way to much off and it looks horrible with no way to fix since the hair is gone. The back is fine but the top and front make me look ridiculous. Very sad right now since I had finally started to trust new stylists that I found on this site.

Reviewed on: 08.09.13

Stylist: Dana Kaplan (formerly of M Salon)

All the reviews are right Dana is amazing!!! I am Dominican so I have some seriously curly hair, but he was like no sweat I have tons of clients with your hair. He cut it perfectly and the whole time he was talking to me about his Puerto Rican god-kids and stuff. He gave me a great cut and a look I can easily do on my own. Plus the entire staff at Hair Connection is super friendly. If I stay in Boston this will definitely become my go to hair salon =)

Reviewed on: 17.03.13

Stylist: Dana Kaplan (formerly of M Salon)

Dana has been cutting my hair for the past 10 years, and he's simply the only stylist who knows how to cut my difficult curly, frizzy hair. Since M Salon recently closed, luckily Dana is working right down the street at the Hair Connection. Dana is easy to talk to, thinks before he cuts, and is just a really nice person. I highly recommend him - especially if you have curly hair, and even if you don't!

Reviewed on: 12.01.13

Stylist: Dana Kaplan (formerly of M Salon)

Finally have found someone who can cut my hair that has extensive background with curly hair. Dana Kaplan recently moved to Hair Connection on Mass Ave and has given me the BEST haircuts. I had tried many salons from Newbury Street to the burbs and Dana is truly gifted has a hair-dresser who knows how to work with curly hair. I liked the atmosphere of Hair Connection and found Peter, the owner, friendly and I have finally found a Salon and hairdresser that are excellent. I know Dana Kaplan has been trained working with curly hair and it really has paid off.

Reviewed on: 06.01.13