1106 Broad Street
Durham, NC 27705, United States



Stylist: Kelli Gates

I went in to Kelli after reading the good review on here. Over the phone she assured me she was a trained deva stylist and cut hair dry.

I asked for 1/2 to be cut off and short layers and volume. She cut off about 3 INCHES and gave me a short tapered bob, when I had said I wanted to GROW MY HAIR OUT... She also decided to use a curling iron on my hair once it was dry and styled. I'm not sure why... especially after she had finger coiled my hair completely during wet styling. I probably wont be going back. The cut is perfectly fine, but I didn't feel like she listened to me at all so I was rather disappointed.

She is located at Hot Headz Salon.

Reviewed on: 09.01.16


Kellie is great with curly hair! She dry-cut my hair and is trained in Deva products. AND she's affordable! I highly recommend her.

Reviewed on: 30.07.13