1073 Cambie Street
Vancouver,  , United States

Stylist: Kyli

Gave me a perm that was straight after 5 hours--that was a good day. Next day, the perm lasted only 1 hour. I came back to get it fixed but was told, "You'll hate it for a month". Couldn't believe I heard that especially since I paid $250 for it. Worst experience EVER.

Reviewed on: 06.06.12

Stylist: MARTY

I have very curly hair. He cut my hair way too short than what I asked. He said he would cut off one inch and cut off about 4 inches and I told him specifically I'd like to keep the length and not be too puffy and keep a shape to frame my face. He is a friendly nice guy but doesn't know how to cut type 3c curls my ends were all frayed and different lengths and the layers were all wrong. He also rushed my hair cut. I looked like a big dome head it was just awful with no shape and my frame was not framed at all. I went to another salon a few days after and they corrected it and made it frame my face and look so good just what I wanted (although it is shorter because of what Marty did). Now it's pretty like Heather Hedley's hair.

Reviewed on: 27.05.11

Stylist: Ian

Sorry it just didn't work for me. I really wanted it to because my old salon moved out of the neighbourhood, but I have found I would rather go the distance to have my old stylist back.

Reviewed on: 27.12.10

Stylist: Marrty

Ok, everyone seems to love Marty, so based on all the recommendations here (there were so few negative and so many people loving him) I thought I'd give it a go.. I was at a point of frustration, My hair used to be a lot curlier (closer to 3a, and now it's more of a 2b-2c. I explained to Marty, he nodded knowingly, and we agreed to cut 2 inches of length and layer to encourage hairgrowth. I have fine hair.. His cutting seemed like he knew what he was doing, I thought it stange that he brushed out my hair (think frizzball), because it meant that you wouldn't see the natural curl. He cut, and cut..... and cut.. Then he went about styling it. The styling was a disaster. He pretty much did everything possible to NOT have clumps. He did everything I would NEVER do to my hair: He blowdried it and THEN diffused when it was already dry (so.. no chance at curl enhancement or formation there), and he broke up clumps rather than promoting them. I was pretty gutted, and I figured it was styling, so I'd just go home, shower, and do it my way. I'm waiting for my hair to dry.. and while yes, the layers have promoted curl.. we definitely cut off more than 2 inches. It's more like 4" of UNSTRETCHED hair.. meaning that it's probably more like 5". I'm pretty bummed, because he also cut a lot out from underneathe, so now i feel like I barely have any hair. I had told him how much I loved the ringlets at the bottom of my hair.. he promised that it would do it again with the new length.. so far.. notsomuch. I really wanted to like Marty; he sounded like a bonafide curl whisperer.. I think he's better suited to 3+ curls.. I think anyone with a 2 or a weak curl pattern should stay away.

Reviewed on: 11.09.10

Stylist: MARTY

Hey Girls! Yes this is the same MARTY from Burke & Hair.(And formerly of Stratosphere.) I was in for an appointment last week and he gave me the relocation update. It took me forever to find someone that could cut my hair...and now that I have...I will certainly follow!

Reviewed on: 28.05.10