5229 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601, United States



Stylist: Alyssa Kim

I've lived in North Hollywood for almost a year and a half. Like many other curly girls, I find it very challenging to find someone who really understands curls. Needless to say, since moving, I had not found a stylist. There were always the fears that someone would cut too much hair, ruin the curls, do a poor color job, etc. My search is over, after much hesitation, I called the salon to do a consultation with Alyssa. She quickly put all my nerves to rest. I loved her ideas for the cut and color, but it was her confidence in her work that sold me. She really does understand curls & how to work with the curl pattern to make the most of both the cut and color. I highly recommend her to anyone ready to stop searching for a stylist!

Reviewed on: 28.01.15

Stylist: Alyssa Kim

Wow! So I live in North Hollywood and was looking for someone who "gets" curly hair...like for real gets it. I walked by The Local but no one getting their hair done had curly hair when I was in so I was a little hesitant....the receptionist said there was a Deva Curl specialist there and she said she was a pro...so I was desperate and I agreed to see Alyssa. She gets it. She can do ethnic hair...like she can DO IT. So confident and my hair, it's perfection. She sent me off with some Deva Care products I had never heard of but, it is workin for me so far. I have a TON of hair and Alyssa was NOT afraid. She's my girl...

Reviewed on: 02.01.14