87 Forest Plaza
Annapolis, MD 21401, United States
Ann Hayes

Stylist: Rick Shane

I am so happy I did my research and chose Rick Shane at the Style Lounge. My curly hair is finally cut in a way that brings out my natural wave pattern and in a style that fits my face, and fits my lifestyle. Rick spent time looking at my hair, my curl pattern, and talking to me about how I wanted my hair to look. I am thrilled with my cut, and will be returning for trims. I have found my dream salon and stylist.

Reviewed on: 03.10.14

Stylist: Rick Shane

This is the salon Rick Shane just opened up, and it is definitely worth checking out! I just got a haircut there yesterday, and it was honestly the best salon experience I have ever had. The salon itself is nice and spacious. It has a good atmosphere. It also has something I has never seen before: a DIY drying/ styling station for women who have just had their hair cut and want to style it themselves before they go out as opposed to paying for a stylist to do it. I really like the whole setup of the salon: The stations aren't all lined up against the wall, but are more in the center of the room and the way they are all set up makes each station feel individualized and personal, like you are having a one-on-one with your stylist. Rick Shane was an absolutely amazing stylist. He was very friendly, efficient, and enthusiastic during the whole appointment. It was refreshing to have someone cut my hair who knew what he was doing. He took his time to look at my hair dry and see the way that it acted and find out the way that I wanted it. By the time he got to cutting my hair I knew I was in good hands. The result was the best haircut I have ever gotten. Needless to say, I will make an appointment with Rick again.

Reviewed on: 08.06.14