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Brooklyn, NY 11205, United States
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Martha Tea


Stylist: Michaella

I found Michaella through a YouTube channel, Shameless Maya, that I am subscribed to. I sat in Michaella's chair and told her I liked fun and funky hair styles. I just wanted something different from the bob cut I had. That's all that was said and she went to work. At the end I had an asymmetrical cut that I am absolutely in love with. She tailored the cut to my hair type, personality, and life/hair style choices. Plus I got this amazing hair treatment before the cut that made my hair feel like silk and it stayed that way for a few weeks! It was amazing! Mind you, it's not the cheapest cut, but it's also not the most expensive. Most importantly it is 100% worth it, I have never trusted any stylist with my hair as much as I trust Michaella. She is a hair goddess!

Reviewed on: 17.06.14